5 Steps on the Path to Research !

Research and Development in India is booming and there are far reaching efforts being made by organisations and heads of the nation in encouraging the youth of the nation in such activities. Ré is a forum that does the same in promoting the need for our generation to take up projects and topics that intrigues their need to learn more, find more and do more.

As a co founder of the forum, the need for funds was evident in almost every project that was reviewed by us. Capital is one of the most integral part for the project to be successfully completed. With capital, comes freedom to take your project to the next step.

Did you know that the world spends close to 2187 billion dollars in research and development funding every year! Where does all this money go and who gets it? Why can you get some if not a large amount?

Now, How does one get a hold of this!?

As director of Ré, here are few things that were looked at for making sure that the project deserves the amount needed.

Follow these 5 steps to get closer to the capital.

1 – The Problem Statement

All the inventions that created an ever lasting impact in this world, started off with one human irritated and frustrated with a problem he/she faced. The “Arrrgghhhhhh” moment led to some of the fantastic findings that we cant live without now. Define the problem statement, write it down and  ask yourself this question, “Why the bloody hell, does this bother me and why is it not yet solved?” This question if kept repeated by different persons, will lead you to do a deeper analysis and survey of the problem with comparison of literature and data. The more you understand what you want to change, the safer it is to avoid time delays in solving the world’s problems.

This will lead to a good eye opening feeling, where you can deeply connect with the problem, giving you to needed drive and curiosity to solve it.

2 – The Methodology 

It is always good to have direction while moving somewhere. Methodology gives sense of ease and purpose while moving forward with the problem statement. Without clear milestones and direction, how will you reach your destination? By the saying, the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a first step. Where is your first step going to be? Pave the path for the problem statement to evolve into the methodology. The question to ask yourself is, “How to make sure this problem becomes a thing of the past?” 

Planning here is vital and it is better you consult an expert in the area of work you are getting into. It is highly advisable to get yourself guided and mentored because they have travelled this journey and they know directions.

3 – Your tools

There is absolutely no point in cleaning the tower bridge with a tooth brush. Well, technically you can, if you are willing to spend the rest of your life with thousands of tooth brushes. You now have to ask yourself, “What will I need to cross the milestones and ultimately reach my destination?” Set the tools in front of you and in such a way that is easy to reach and pick it up whenever needed. The tools can be instruments, tests, people, material or even trail run essentials. This is when your analysis of the problem and the mentor comes handy. Ask them what is needed to help overcome the obstacle.

You now can never become an example of a “Bad workman blames his tools”. The right tools, makes you a researcher of the year!

4 – The interest

Whatever the situation and however logical, it can be analysed and solved, there is always the human touch that makes it subjective. Although subtle, the effects can be monumental in successfully completing the task. Your curiosity driven motive should not make you sleep. The unrest, fear of not completing what was promised, confidence of being “the one” to make an impact in this world, now or never, do or die, gun to the situation and most importantly mutual growth should all be your driving forces.

Unless you, as an individual, can convince the jury and give them hope that you can and you will do it, however clear the project and its plan is, it can never be funded by organisations. After all, the jury are also humans.

“But, does it just stop there?”

5 – The value the project adds to the world

There are close to 24,10,872 patents in the whole world. “How many are you using and helping you?” A product is a culmination of numerous patents but the percentage you are using is going to be very small. Sometimes in the race of who is going to be first, the number is never going to matter. What your project will actually do once completed matters a lot.

The reason why projects fail, or even businesses is because of its failure in becoming sustainable. Your project needs successors or you make the project a part of your journey. The easiest is to have a diverse team, same in motive and different in age(mentally and physically)

To give you a sense of guidance as and when you proceed with the project and also to check the impact and value your work can leave in this world, read (https://maktheway.com/2016/11/03/the-matrix-to-grow/).

There is always a sense of purpose one can get when you can see the society change because of the value, YOU add to it.

(Register to get a personal one to one consultancy from Ré to draft your pitch and research idea. Send an email to student.research@kct.ac.in)


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