We, at , work together to impart and enhance research culture in KCT. Our main aim is to bring out and motivate students to take up research and to encourage the students interested in research, to convert their ideas to reality. The projects proposed by the students will be scrutinised by a review panel pertaining to the project. The selected projects will be funded and carried out at Ré. These projects have to be framed in such a way that they can be completed within the graduation period of the students. We will also guide students to obtain patents and we will be providing them with good mentors, equipment and a better research environment. Students who finish their research work under Ré will be assisted for publishing their work as well. Ré calendar will provide students with innovative competitions and conferences happening throughout India in which students can part take in, through Ré. This research wing of KCT will provide a new platform for KCTians to seek knowledge and discover new things in science and technology.