Having kick-started this New Year, Ré has successfully set foot into another flourishing year ahead. This New Year, recruitment for being a part of Ré has begun to make the team bigger and to kick-start a new interesting phase for the recruits as well.


Recruitment in Ré is in full swing as all the selected SOPs of about 132 of them have to be interviewed to test their skills, know their interests, look for talent and find the best! Out of 132 SOPs, 45 members are yet to face the interview. With questions put forth by a panel of 5-7 members who are our seniors and alumni, one after the other, recruitment swiftly goes on at our work-space with active participation of the students of KCT!

The recruitment process will be over tentatively by the 12th of January with interviews going on continuously until then. Ré, getting bigger this year is looking forward to much more innovation, talent and fun!

Team Of Three Orange People Holding Hands And Standing On Blue Puzzle Pieces, With One Man Reaching Out To Connect Another To Their Group Clipart Illustration Graphic

With recruitment happening at Ré, we thought we could present to you snippets of some experiences about the interview so far including the present day Ré members along with the perspectives of few interviewers as well!

“…a great window to my future, where I got to see the kind of real pressures and stressful situations I would face in life, and how I would deal with them.”

-Raveena, III year

“The interview was indeed testing my spontaneity. But that interview and the probation period has changed a lot in me!”

-Gayathri, III year

Our interviewers’ experiences by being a panel member,

“I learnt to be professional. Analyzing one’s personality was a new experience and the panel members should be conscious about the recruitment as it is for Ré’s development.”

-Swetha, IV year

“Being an interviewer is more difficult than we could imagine….judging people isn’t easy because I come across introverts who won’t open up and came there just to face their fears and a foolish panel would reject them, but they are the ideators, whereas an extrovert who is good at communicating with the panel gets in though he/ she might not be talented enough. To find workers is easy but to find thinkers and leaders is difficult. Keen attention to words and understanding the underlying truth is required to pick the right people.”

-Harish, Alumnus

“An opportunity where talent is given an opportunity and guidance is going the right way. Talent is vibrant and wonderful to know the potential of our KCTians and what they are capable of. To be able to witness all these nation builders is great!”

-Arun, Alumnus

This year the interviewees say,

“Interactive and clean…usually answers will be for questions but in Ré it was like, questions from answers!”

-Abdul Kader, III year

“…learnt to manage stress and adapt myself to the situation. It made me realize who I am.”

-Selvi, I year

“It’s so useful to develop our self esteem…got a good experience similar to a HR interview. Such experiences may take me to the next step of my life!”

-Naveen, III year


Thus we look forward to providing more such opportunities for the students of KCT and we wish the forthcoming interviewees the best. Ré is expecting such active participation in all the upcoming activities as well.


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