Exploration Circle

The exploration circle is a simple process for small-group deliberation. An exploration circle might be formed to discover more about specific interests and areas to explore.

The exploration circle will aim in knowledge sharing, gaining experiences in new areas of study, building the foundation for future career goals and evolve into a fully functioning club.

Method :

Identify an area for exploration that has not been dealt with in KCT. Some of the issues can be related to science, technology, politics, personal branding, philosophy, environmental, civics or exploring issues involving proposed developments in the world.

Create a clan with which this exploration circle will function. Ideal circle size will be from 5 to 8 members with 80% of UG students and 20% of PG Students. Vice versa can also be incorporated for the clan.

People should start with where they are. Ré highly recommends exploration circles to fix days in a week and meet regularly. Every meet should last from an hour to 3 hours. All meets must be documented.

Exploration circles can make use of the discussion rooms in Ré. We recommend a space that will kindle your thoughts and with the least number of distractions. Outdoor meets are most effective.

How Ré will Help?

Problem identification can be the most difficult part. Ré will extend support in this area for the exploration circle.

Ré will help create a clan for the exploration circle and assist in finding the facilitators. Ré will help in getting the right faculty members and students.

Ré will provide the space to carry out discussions during the regular exploration circle meets.

These reports will also be compiled and put into a booklet form. This will be given to the people who attend that particular exploration circle.