November 2nd Week News

With children’s day around the corner, we so called adults have done some extraordinary jobs last week. With lots of … More


This week has been a prep week for everyone at Ré. The team has been buzzing around in their arrangements … More

October last week news

It was a wonderful week, highlighted by the fantastic Coffee Table Talk with the artivist Kalki on Wednesday. Let us … More

October 4th week news

This last week was action filled with every team planning for new events and ventures! With the second coffee table … More

October 1st Week News

The team has successfully completed two events in the past one week! Ré in collaboration with SEDS on the World Space … More

September 2nd Week News

  It has been an enthusiastic week following the meeting, “The BOMB” and here we throw spotlight on the work going … More

September 2nd Week News

THE “BOMB” The “BOMB” is one major meet-up that happened last week. It was fun mixed team bonding activity conducted … More


If you have no critics, you’ll likely have no success. Team Ré has cruised towards the end of the long … More