Embolden Innovations – Ré Trek

Month of August has gone lengths to get its things done as per the well scripted schedule and the month wrapped up with all of its zealous activities, setting its expectations under tight wraps. Today, Innovation has roped in people by mesmerizing them with its infinite possibilities. Be it a smartphone or smart cities, innovation has bagged up people’s attention as a planned plot twist. Ré being a victim of it, stepped out to encourage people towards it. 

The dawn of September evoked with a lot of initiatives as Ré is looking forward to step foot on all ventures of research and innovation upfront. 

Vision towards Robotics and Automation :

From the upcoming trends it is evident that Robotics and Automation will be the most grossing technologies to be explored in future. Ré has encouraged students to take up real world challenges and solving those with principles obtained from these technologies. There are 4 projects currently in progress under this stream namely Autonomous Car, Personal assistant bot, Industrial automation and ROS. Ré has been the perfect platform for students to explore and innovate. 

Ardent on Artificial Intelligence :

“ Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turns into an innovation” – Dean Kamen

A dedicated set of students have come forward in bringing out the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence concepts being applied to solve problems that are worth solving. 

Ré has initiated the process of framing the syllabus for the learning path of AI with the reference to various universities and industries. Currently there are 3 projects under this domain and students are keen on completing it for the final prototype. It includes Number plate Identification system, Face Recognition system and Handwritten text recognition.

Meet and Greet :

“Let yourself feel, Let yourself Heal” – Sangeeth Eswaran

Sahitya’s Meet and Greet, a seminar on Mental Health Awareness, squeezed in collaboration with Ré and Yuva, attracted more than 100 participants. Sangeeth Eswaran, an alumnus of KCT narrated his journey of emotional maturity and outlined the importance of mental health.The participants could easily connect with the message and well-received the profound thoughts related to mental health awareness.

Tribute to the mentors :

If we say that teachers are the ones who instill diligence and motivation , then people in Ré will surely agree to it because there ain’t a day our Ré seniors forget staying as perfect mentors moulding us, as they often be in contact to check if everything is in sync. 

September 5, celebrated as teachers day was the perfect opportunity for the Ré team to look upon and acknowledge our alumni’s , who’ve been the perfect mentors to us. A small tribute through a beautifully put collage yet with lots of respect and honour marked our obligations to the seniors. 

Research Essentials :

Research essentials is a semester long program offered by Ré,aims at fostering a growth mindset among the student community to better equip them to manage their research career independently. The last month of Research Essentials saw a few sessions dedicated entirely for activity oriented learning. This comprises of the following activities

Spaghetti Marshmallow challenge :

The teams competed among their peer groups to build the tallest tower using Spaghetti sticks and rest the marshmallow at the top of their peer groups within the limits of a few resource and time constraints.

Game development:

The team opted to build a Pong game using scratch,a visual programming website stacked up with takeaways like improving the computational thinking skills of the students and make them familiar with visual programming which framed the session very well. It was limited to the time constraint of one hour.

Reading comprehension:

An activity of discerning the logical elements of a given paragraph and questions were raised on the basis of understanding for each paragraph and students were made to think and answer in a logical manner.

Debate :

A debate was held to foster deeper critical thinking on issues bordering philosophical long standing.

Reviewing the right ones : 

“ Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress” – Li Keqiang

As a progression of summer intake,the project ideas that were claimed had the initial process of revamping by conducting Project review for three of the projects. The updates and the faculty details for the forthcoming review that is meant to happen in the next month have been kept in the loop.

Innovation on full swing :

The mission of encouraging students to innovate their ideas to perfection lead to Exploratory research where students of similar interests were merged to form a team and work on a specific domain. There are students from various departments focussing on each problem statement. 

The current domains exposed to exploratory research are the following Research on Electric Vehicle, Research on Energy, Research on Embedded system – processors and controllers design and development, Research on Structure Analysis – Civil Engineering, Research on Agriculture. 


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