Leaping Endeavours – Ré Trek

 “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Team Ré, as such is moving forward with great zeal and amuse and has launched into topical endeavors in the month of August 2019.


The advent of summer has seen KCT’ians get an opportunity for revamping their design thinking thoughts into progression and getting privileged via Summer intake that was scheduled between 1st of August to 8th. It is a platform where budding engineers find their path to innovation. Ré being a catalyst in this process is something to cherish for. Previously Ré involved 200 students engaged in 42 projects, 10 patented projects, 19 research papers published, 2 projects developed into commercial products. Projects like Sanitary Napkin Dispenser and Innovative home products from knitted garment waste are few examples which created a great impact socially and environmentally addressing problems like sanitation,waste management etc. Now, comes your turn to apply and launch your ideas.


The quest for knowledge on technological  aspects leads to the formation of AIR – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics blog which aims at promoting the exposure towards the trending technologies.

 “ The Sole purpose of Knowledge is to be carried and shared.”

The main purpose of the author intake concentrated on recruiting proficient authors to give efficient content. All these sums up to one common outcome of creating awareness on recent trends.


Ré members were facilitated with the position of being a member of the Kumaraguru Students Leadership Council under various verticals. This was achieved on account of their uniqueness in specific domains. Mr. U S Praveen Raj – Representing Ré. Ms. Selvi S –  Representing ECE department association.Ms. Hanu Priya Indiran –  Representing Iqube .


The second week of August witnessed sessions on various technical concepts that were taught by members of Ré itself which in turn was oriented towards Research Essentials Program.


By the end of the third week we organised a Student Talk on Public Policy Writing for Future Technologies which saw Jai Suriya M, President, Literature (Leadership Council) share his experiences in an efficient manner. It was narrowed down to an outcome of Discovering technology’s interaction with society.


Ré had its annual grand meetup on August 23rd 2019, comprising of takeaways from all the events that  happened till now and discussions on all the future plans. It was an interactive meet for all the members to understand efficiently and plan on the new endeavours for Ré.Every team contributed innovative ideas and steps to be practiced in the processes and happenings at Ré.


Ré initiated a program in organizing an internship for about 3 months which sums up management skills as well as hands on experience in technical projects. Students taking part will get certified and will be prioritized for getting recruited in the Ré core team. Ré also conducted an interview process, which was carried on to shortlist the candidates for further training.


Ré was introduced to the young and fresh minds, the 1st year students of KCT on the        orientation day (26/08/19).An opening to the freshers about the legacy of research and exploration culture and other activities at Ré addressed by Mr.Praveen Raj.


Ré winded up the month by displaying three projects in National Science & Technology fair conducted in CODISSIA for three days(29th – 31st Aug, 2019) among 1300 student innovations from 170 institutions across India.
Ré exhibited three projects at the NSTF,  the project outcomes were-

Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle : This unmanned autonomous vehicle focuses on developing a race car which could run autonomously on the track without getting deviated from the lane.The main objective is focused to develop and train models that outputs a high accuracy in detecting lanes and moving.

RiG Bike: An approach to integrate this bike for the purpose of Intra-campus locomotion, introduces an effective and efficient mechanism for creating an eco-friendly environment at KCT and supplement our unified goal of creating a sustainable campus.

EmotionallyIntelligent Assistive Drone with unsupervised Deep Learning capabilities: A research approach to make Personal assistant robots,emotionally intelligent and more intriguing by bridging their gap in understanding real-time moods of humans by enabling them understand human emotions and simulate the perfect responsive emotions.

Upcoming events

  1. Author intake kicks off on August 5 
  2. Internship program intake kicks off on September 2

Research Essentials is a semester long program offered by ré, that aims at fostering a growth mindset among the student community to better equip them to manage their research career independently. Students get exposed to various topics surrounding the routine of any standard research project.This will not only help them in directing their work towards defined research milestones, but also in the process, help them identify their field(s) of interest(s) and also make them better thinkers individually, so that they can end up in a progressive path ultimately. Successful students will be certified for their expertise in their field(s) and also will get the opportunity to be a part of the technical activities related to their interest(s), at ré.


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