“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” – Morris Chang

Ré has cascaded with new strategies and action-plans being executed throughout the months of April,May,June and July in the most dynamic and energized aspect.

The initial days in the month of April were  directed towards the preparations for the Valedictory Ceremony for proclaiming  the team members and the works of the past year, in what came to be one of the most progressive years in the history of Ré with loads of  activity addressing students and their culture directly. During the Valedictory ceremony, various projects, students, mentors and departments were felicitated for their active contribution. It was also the time to bid farewell to the then students of the 2019 batch of Ré for their outstanding contributions in leading the tone for setting research culture within the campus. 

The second half of the month started with five members from the team getting an opportunity to visit Protovillage in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, which is a model village for rural India, built totally out of sustainable practices. The month had a perfect end with a Coffee Table Talk, hosting Mr. Amar Ramesh of Studio A, who spoke on the importance of building habit-systems in trying to achieve our goals.

Straight out of CTT, we entered into that time of the year where people get held up with their studies. It was semester time and was about to be followed by the one and a half month long summer holidays. We knew it was going to be dry with only a few students around the campus and thus prepared to engage ourselves with some outreach programs.

During this period, we started up a library at Ré, conducted a two day summer camp for school students on building an e-vehicle in association with our co-teams at rig, organized a coffee table talk with KCT Alumni Mr. Swathish Ravi, 

who spoke about his experience of starting Solar Vibes – one of the EU’s leading AI and IOT based precision farming start-up and joined hands with Namathu Pangu in reaching out to school students in raising awareness on the potential that Science holds through the demonstration of a few simple physics experiments.

The reopening of the college was marked with a renewed interest to keep doing what we do best and was evident with five members from the team, attending the tamil internet conference using NLP tools straight away. Five members from the team also attended “Let’s talk Biz 3.0”, a monthly entrepreneurs’ meet-up organised by TiE Coimbatore. The event was addressed by Mr. AGK Karunakaran, CEO – Multicoreware. This was also time for launching our revised Exploré process, which has commenced with an orientation followed by the interview of interested candidates. This semester long program which is named “Research Essentials” is aimed at providing a framework for students in their early years of UG to exercise their research oriented skills.

This will not only help them in directing their work towards defined research milestones, but also in the process  help them identify their field(s) of interest(s) and also make them better thinkers individually, so that they can end up in a progressive path ultimately. Successful students will be certified for their expertise in their field(s) and also will get the opportunity to be a part of the technical activities related to their interest(s), at Ré. Since then various sessions on Problem Solving and Reasoning has taken place. 

The end of July was made more special with the Masterclass on Climate Reality and Sustainable Revolution by Mr. Saainath Ravichandran, who was also an ex-lead of the financial operations at Ré during the start! 

Ré is tailored and Ré-energized for executing the action-plans strategized for the upcoming months effectively and innovatively.


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