New Year, New Réalm, New Limits !

               Ré has evolved it’s way through 2018 and stepped up the game this 2019 with new thresholds and plans. The team has kept its momentum flushing forward with greater goals to be achieved this year. January kicked off with recruiting new faces for their new phase into Ré’s admin team.

~One way to keep momentum going is to constantly have greater goals ~

                                                                                                                                       -Michael Korda

                The SOP filtration had begun to hunt for the pack for new exciting ventures into research and exploration. Out of 67 applicants , 50 were shortlisted for the interview process followed by which 30 got into the probation phase.




Mid way to January we had a student talk by Mr.  Shri Krishna.V of our team who enlightened us on Research Methodologies .

“Develop a better understanding of research and help yourselves towards getting your best world view”

                                                                                                                                          – Shri Krishna


In just another week by the 28th of January 2019 we had the most awaited Coffee Table Talk hosted by Mr.Kalyan Akkipeddi , founder of Proto Village . He shared to us about his experiences and accomplishments. This auspicious event was addressed by our Joint Correspondent Mr. Shankar Vanavarayar .


On the 29th January 2019 was yet another student talk by Mr.Muthu Saravanan( Final year)  of Biotechnology Department speak on Microscopic Techniques and analyzation of microscopic images.  He gave us a zoom in on microns, a micro-scale investigation.


Then we go, stepping into the most favorite month of the Kctian’s , THE MONTH OF YUGAM.

proudly organized a one day workshop on Scientific Manuscript Writing conducted by Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu from the Board of Governors of IEEE computer society. The event was successfully completed with over 40 enthusiasts participating.


On February 11 2019, we had the third student talk of the year by Mr. Aravind of Mechanical Department , third year. He shared his visions and thoughts on Engines and its working. He emphasized on engines being the heart of every automobile and shared great knowledge.

The very next day on February 12th 2019 was the kick-off ceremony of the 2019 probation phase for the new 30 faces selected . It was conducted by the  team.

Followed by this on the 13th of February 2019, was a student talk conducted by  Mr.Praveen Raj US of our team who presented his ideas on intellectual property rights and steps involved in patenting processes.


“Fitness is not a journey that you undergo, it’s a lifestyle that you choose” – Dheeraj ( National Medalist)

We had a student talk on the 15th of February by Mr. Dheeraj of Automobile Department, final year speak to us about the physics behind powerful physique and the aesthetics of bodybuilding.


The probation meets have been going on regularly from then on keeping the newbies of the team engaged into various tasks and activities. 

Ré looks forward to plan its momentum greatly for the upcoming weeks too.


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