The Outset of newfangled Ré!

The past three weeks have been all about progress and team building. The various teams had a lot going on and they still managed to focus on building the team overall. The probation for the new team was also at its best, with the recruits joining the Ré family. The investiture ceremony, authors’ appreciation event and the fifth Coffee Table Talk were at their preeminent bests.

Happenings of the past weeks:

Growth and Community

The Growth and community team had sent out mails to all the capstone projects. The team had shortlisted seven teams, based on their potential and feasibility from the initial lot of fifty. The teams were asked to send images and videos of their prototypes, which was later recorded.

Program management:

The program management team had conducted the exploration circle’s felicitation ceremony. The event was well received and the various circles felt acknowledged. This was then followed by “Rédefine”, in which around 25 people had participated. The team also conducted the authors’ meet, which was indeed a very special day for all the authors. Program management team had also successfully pulled off the arrangements for investiture ceremony and the fifth Coffee Table Talk with Mr. Cibhi Selven.

Finance team:

The finance team has been giving out funds for the shortlisted project teams. They have also been working on the collection of final accounts from the projects that are completed. Tracking of the projects that are currently going on is also being done by the team.

Experts’ team:

The experts’ team is currently working on building the faculty database. Preparations for the valedictory ceremony are also going in a full swing.

Promotions and branding:

The promotions and branding team has been updating Instagram and Facebook with the various happenings at Ré. The photos from the Exploration circle, Redefine and the author’s meet were posted on Facebook and Instagram. The team is also working on making creative posts for the upcoming events.

Content generation:

The content generation team had prepared and given a congratulatory handout to all the authors during the authors’ appreciation meet. They are working on fixing a theme for the upcoming month. They are working with the Promotions and Branding team and are furnishing content for the appreciation posts of authors in Ré’s official social media pages.

Team building activity:

The present team members had a meeting with Ram Sundaram sir. He insisted on building a team that bonds well and lives up to the expectation of the former and current leads. A good rapport was seen among the team members, which felt very refreshing and motivating.

Authors’ appreciation event:

The authors’ appreciation event turned out to be a grand success as authors shared their experiences and their inspirations for penning down words. The event kicked off, as Arun, Ex-CEO of Ré addressed the authors regarding the prominence of being a writer. We had then furnished the authors with appreciation pamphlets that best described their special qualities. Harish Sundar, CEO of Ré distributed the token of appreciation to all the authors.


Investiture ceremony:

The probation for the new recruits has gotten over successfully. The new recruits look much pumped to join the ré family. Ram Sundaram, HOD, Civil Engineering and the chief advisory body for team Ré addressed regarding the benefits and proficiency of being an executive member at Ré. The current team leads announced the new team leads, co-team leads, and executive members for each team during the ceremony, and contract signing took place subsequently.


CTT with Cibhi Selven:

The fifth episode of the most successful Coffee Table Talk series from Ré added feather to the much-bedecked cap of Ré’s glory. The event witnessed Mr. Cibhi Selven share his experience of becoming a “Green Hero” and revolutionizing “No Plastic”.  Mr. Cibhi Selven is the founder of “Regeno”, a start-up that focuses on the manufacturing of Eco-friendly bags.




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