We are back with a bang!

Ré had yet another ebullient phase, in the recent two weeks as project scrutiny process ended and the successful conduction of “exploration circle felicitation ceremony” had become a reality. Here, we look at the nitty-gritty of all that had taken place.


The exploration circle felicitation ceremony:  

The ceremony kicked off as Aashikha, team lead- Content Generation presented the welcome address. Harish Sundar, CEO of Ré, followed it up by addressing the benefits of forming exploration circles. Certificates were provided to the completed circles.


Different teams functioning under the brand Ré have consistently pushed beyond their limits and here is a take on their roles for the past two weeks.

Team Experts:

Selvi, executive member of the team “experts”, acknowledged the completion of the reviews for the winter intake and the selection of six projects amongst fifty-two proposals, for the complete funding process.

She also told that her team had been working on the update of faculty database and that they are implicating in the process of forming a mentor-ship for Ré, through permanent reviews. She says, that they have been following it up with the capstone projects and that they had sent the report templates, tech brief and PPT templates for their final report submission.

Team Promotions and Branding:

Yeshwanthini, team lead- Promotions and Branding reports that her team has consistently updated social media posts and that they had reached wider audience in the past two weeks with the conduction of felicitation ceremony.

Team Growth and Community:

Sharmila, executive member of the team “Growth and Community” updated the fact that some of the 1117 projects will be provided with partial funding. She also acknowledged the deadline fixed for the submission of capstone project reports to be tenth of March and that they had intimated all the capstone project holders regarding the same via mail.

Team Finance:

 Velmurugan, executive member of the team “Finance” acknowledged that they had released the second phase funding for summer intake projects and that the funds have been released for capstone projects as well. He also remarked regarding the preparation of operational budget for the year 2018-2019.

Team Content Generation: 

Team Content Generation has finalized its plans in co-ordination with the Program management team to conduct the author recognition event in the impending week and the event date has been roughly fixated as fifteenth of March. The event will be a token of appreciation for authors who had consistently contributed to the blog of Ré. This event will also serve as a benefactor in terms of finding new authors.

We will be posting articles on the previous month’s theme “Spiritualism” as we receive articles from the authors and we will subsequently announce the new theme in the weeks coming down the pike.

Here is a spiritually inclined musical treat for you as one of our witty writers “Monisha”, takes on music and spiritualism


Team Program Management:

 Gayathri, team lead- Program management reports how her team had been working along with other teams for proper scheduling of all the events and framing appropriate agenda to enhance the events’ effectiveness. They also had organized a team meet on sixth of March to share updates amongst the members.

 Team Thinkers’ Asylum:

Sriram, executive member of the team “thinkers’ asylum” reports that the preparations for the event RéThink are on a full swing.

Oh My My My! Wait until next week for more from us.



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