The newly recruited members are onset!

Recruitment of Ré has come to an end after a week of marketing amongst the first year students. The response is highly positive. You learn more from failure than from success. Ask yourself what you’re doing because today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. The Ré leads have shortlisted the SOPs and the shortlisted candidates have undergone their interview process. They are currently undergoing their probation period through which their actions will take them towards their achievement.


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you”

Growth and Community:

52 projects have been proposed in the winter intake process. Review process is being conducted for the winter intake. Reviews for the Capstone projects has been completed. The review comments and feedbacks given by the faculties have been sent as a mail to the students. Based on the feedback and comments given by the experts, certain number of projects has been finalised for the process of funding.

Content team:

An acknowledgement mail was sent to all the experts as an appreciation as they have attended all the reviews and gave their comments and feedback to the students so that they can improve at a greater pace. The team has decided the new theme for the month of February as Spiritualism and the articles will be collected from the authors for the blog based on the decided theme.

Experts team:

The team is currenly working on building up the profile of the Experts by collecting the database of our faculties. And additionally they’re working upon the upcoming valedictory ceremony. Side by side the next review plans are also being made by the experts team.

Finance team:

As the review process is going on, the finance team has made the budget plans for the finalized teams and will be planning on regarding the budget for the upcoming projects.

Promotions & Branding:

Different strategies are being made by the promotions team so as to bring in the Research culture amongst our students and to make them undertsand the importance of Research.

Exploration circle:

A new circle based on the moringa project has been started. More positive responses are being received by the exploration circle team.

Thinkers Asylum:

Strategies are being made by the team for the event named “REFORM KCT 2018”. Find out the details of the event in our upcoming newsletters.








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