The much-awaited Probation begins!

It was a productive week yet again at Ré.  Moreover, with the advent of newly recruited members, a month of probation period is set for them to bring out their full potential. The event REFORM KCT 2018 is expected soon. 


Growth and Community:

The Winter Intake was over and 52 projects were proposed. Reviews have been completed for nearly 25 teams. The comments after the reviews were discussed and certain projects were selected for funding. The comments were sent to the students of the corresponding projects. Review has been completed for the Capstone project.

Content Team:

In the recent week the team prepared an acknowledgment mail as a token of appreciation for the faculties, who attended the review sessions and it was circulated to them. As the probation has started, the team is also planning on how to segregate the right people out of the recruitees for the Content team. A new theme for the month of February will be announced soon and articles will be subsequently collected from the authors, for the blog.

Experts Team:

The team has been planning for the next review; they are working for the valedictory ceremony, and on the collection of Faculty database.

 Finance team:

As the review, sessions have gotten over for some of the project teams, finance team members scrutinized the budget claimed by the selected project teams for further proceedings.

Promotions & Branding:

The team is strategizing on the ways for screening Ré to make students understand it better and to spread the research culture at KCT.

Exploration Circle team:

Some of the exuberant first year students have started a new circle. A circle on Moringa is going on where some of our own members are exploring it and circles that are even more new are yet to come soon which the members of Ré will energetically form.

Thinkers Asylum:

The team has been working on strategizing for the framework of the event REFORM KCT 2018, which will be of huge shock value to the students of KCT.  Stay tuned until next week to see more from us.




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