Ré rushes off it’s feet with enthusiasm yet again!

“If you want to go fast, Go alone

If you want to go far, Go together”

It was an enthusiastic week as review sessions, CTT’s, Recruitment process and Exploration circles came all together. It was completely engaging however. “Get the right people and no matter what mistakes you might do after that, the people will save you. That is what management is all about. Yeah! This is all to strengthen our team and they have successfully initiated the recruitment process. The interview sessions were very challenging for the Recruits with our leads and mentors Surya Rajendran and Rudolf Virjo.


Coffee Table Talk: 

On Wednesday Evening 5.00 pm, we had yet another Coffee Table Talk with two of the most motivational and energetic people from the “No Food Waste Organisation”. The intellectual range, quality and their realistic approach was remarkable. Their mission is to end food waste and hunger and to create a hunger free world. They are feeding 700 people per day. The organisation has saved 148 tons of food and 2.25 crores feeding 451039 people. You definitely should visit the article attached beneath by Ram Thilak, team member of Ré’s renowned “think tank” for more details.

https://researchandexploration.wordpress.com/2018/02/04/we-now-nod-a-complete-no-to-food-waste/ Review:


Review sessions:

Experts offer word of mouth at an unprecedented scale. Its most powerful effect through reviews and suggestions, is to put product’s quality and value for money. The review for winter intake projects has been scheduled this week. Reviews of nearly 25 projects were successfully completed.


Growth and Community

Winter intake registration ended with a whooping 47 registrations. Ré received multiple project proposals, from the numerous registrations and Growth and community team did documentation.

 Program Management:

Program management team has been consistently working for scheduling the review sessions for the proposals that passed the internal review process.

With reviews happening this week, the team worked correspondingly with faculties and arranged the panels for review. Apart from this, their major concern was recruiting the “right review panel members” for the new project intake and choosing the right people for right domain.

Accounts and Finance:

The heart of Ré – the finance team scrutinized the budget of winter intake, funding for the capstone projects, and bill collection of the capstone projects. Providing accurate accounts and holding accountability for all the financial actions of Ré is a matter the team is taking quite seriously now.


Great execution is the ultimate differentiation. Marketing is the key for a great execution. Marketing team has succeeded with their strategies for the intake and recruitment and are working on new strategies.

Content Generation:

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. The Content generation team of Ré does the both. They are working on magazine and exploration circle books in hand with the exploration circle.

The most awaiting moments are yet to come. The interview results will be posted next week and the probation will start. The planning of probation and valedictory ceremony are in their stages of progression. Visit our official Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates.


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