It’s been a great week in KCT with the fantastic alumni meet. So let us have a peep into what had been happening at Ré.

The Growth and community team has been diligently working on the project registrations for the summer intake. They are in constant touch with the researchers collecting their progress trackers. We are happy to announce that the project registrations are still open. If your ideas have just sparked then don’t hesitate to send your project proposals to Ré.


Moving on to the Program Management team, they are all set for their next event that would be conducted the following week. They are currently planning for an outbound activity for our recruits that would help them to improve team coordination and bonding.

Its been a tight schedule for the Promotions and Branding team because of the Global Alumni meet at KCT. It was a great opportunity to showcase Ré to our alumni. Invitations were sent to all the alumni on behalf of Ré.

The Experts team are awaiting responses from our alumni, those who are interested in research and willing to be a part of our review panel to scrutinize the projects. They are also busy creating project profiles for the received project proposals and are setting up the review panel for the next set of reviews.

The Accounts and Finance team have been following up the researchers for the reimbursement forms. The bills of the completed projects and the ongoing projects are being documented. They are currently working on the budget for the upcoming review.


So here comes our Content generation team who gives everyone a treat with their striking articles that has a central theme. They have currently posted their latest issue and have decided their theme for the next month as “Water”.


Last but not the least comes the Exploration circle. The current circles have started to meet and explore their interests. Almost all the ongoing exploration circles would be completed within August. The members of the black hole circle and the sustainable housing circle are to visit the ISRO and are also attending a conference at VIT.

Lots more to come as we tread on the path to success!



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