“Modern deception”- A blindfolded community being mislead!

If galvanising people to fixate on a peculiar factor is an appreciable work, then forging them to believe a culture by applying a passive force on a constant basis is indeed a work to be acknowledged. Something unusual right?

But what if I assert that this context has developed into a trend, these present days?

No concept can be endorsed as such without some relevant evidences. I want to post my views in favour of this statement too. This view should not only sojourn as just a perception, but must be awareness for our folks to wake up.

Is there any acquaintance between plastic rice buzz and corporate marketing strategies? Are NEET exam confusions literally allied on welfare of students or a redefined way for a polished crime? Is the most famous “Bigg Boss” reality show only providing entertainment or is it an illuminati plot?


Have you ever imagined these kinds of questions on the advent of unusual concepts in the society for now?

Everything happens for a reason and has its own benefits. More than just a blindfolded belief, none of us tried to research the news on plastic rice and confirm it as a threat. Calling it a Bio-war which china targets on us, is a foolish thing to perceive. Plastics are classified based on their density as high density, medium density, low density with the first two having their evaporating point at 120-180deg Celsius and the other having 105-115deg Celsius.


In a recent experiment, plastic rice was manufactured with a 3D printer and the normal rice granules were boiled separately. To our surprise the rice ball with original cooked rice bounced really well. This was because rice contains two types of starch called as amylose and amylopectin. When it is boiled, amylopectin breaks up and releases as free molecules which is the real reason for the bounce. I assure you this was not due to the plastic rice as we believe.

Did you ever think that even the weight of plastic is insignificant when compared to the normal rice? There is no profit in pursuing such a thing. Ironically, it results in great loss in terms of production cost also.

So you can inquire me, if it is actually useful in spreading such a rumour? Years later, there will be multinational companies proclaiming that they produce plastic free rice. People will be normally tempted to buy it. Isn’t this a mastermind idea to accomplish?


The edgy sort of comments I get, when I spell out “Big Boss” symbolises the success for this show.  I’d want to emphasize on the interrogatory that if only the producers of this show get benefited through this? Well! Sadly, the answer is No!

Most of us are not familiar with this “illuminati” concept. As said earlier they just apply a passive force on us to push into a new culture. Insecure feelings at home and being unlikeliest towards unity are some of the motives of this show according to me. A girl being boasted as a preface to “Jallikattu” and later being criticised and degraded is not a common thing to happen. It is like a disgrace towards the culture of the long time praised sport. Hatred towards that person brings hatred towards the whole “Jallikattu” movement. I hope you understand the impact of “Iluminati” now.


Before appreciating TN Gov.’s moves for opposing the NEET exam, try to foresee the reason for this disapproval. Is it student’s welfare? Certainly no. It is the impact that management authorities had eventually created upon the Government for affecting their so called “Money earning seats”.

Always remember that there is a certain amount of greed and self esteemed desire towards every famous rumour. Don’t let them rule you whatsoever. Just ignore them.

New ways of seeing could dissolve new things? But turn the question around. Do new things to create new ways for seeing?

Get hold of an answer to this interrogation and you will explore even more…!!!




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