Elon Musk’s idea of cyborg society, and this is what it can achieve..!

All our best-loved childhood Sci-fi movies such as Terminator, Robocop and the machine is now a becoming reality, difficult to believe right? Then let’s jump right in to the subject.


To start off, a cyborg is a human who outshines other fellow human competency with the implementation of devices in his or her body.

You may think that this technology is way ahead of us, and we must probably wait for some decades to come to that point , but in fact this has started way before our time, started right from 1969, there developed two types of device inculcating, the former is Neuroprosthetics (linking your nervous system with a computer) and BCI (linking your brain to an computer) from then many revolutionary improvements have took place, the most eye-catching one is the Cochlear and retinal implants, this has been done to bring vision to almost 3,00,000 people , which is something stunning right?

It shows the way in which the monkey handles and controls the robotic arm only through its thoughts

Through all these ages they have evolved in this field from making a monkey control a robotic arm through his thoughts, to making a physically disabled control externally attached limbs and hands with his brain alone. But enough with this history let’s get on with the current happenings.


Elon Musk also known as the 21st century “Iron Man” the person who invented and owned SpaceX, Hyperloop etc., is now on his next endeavor which is creating “cyborgs”, he tends to achieve it through his new startup the Neuralink. But “who wants to open up their skulls up for these right?” Thus another startup with the name Kernel has now collaborated with Neuralink in achieving non-invasive methods of device implanting, i.e., (linking the device externally like a wearable one) Now it’s interesting right? So the next probable question is what are all the things that could be achieved by having those devices in us? Those are enlisted below in chronological order.

  • Medical:


This is the far most significant one, because curing and even preventing cancer, AIDS and other treacherous diseases is possible, with recent advancements identifying and diagnosing critical diseases such as dyslexia, epilepsy seizure etc., is as easy as eating pie. To know more google (neuroplasticity, neuroprosthetics in medicine).


  • Smart living:

                   Controlling TV, phone etc., is now child’s play, control our whole home with thoughts!!!  Incorporating AI and cloud computing in our device has immense potential and one of its possibilities, is linking with IOT (internet of things), hence as a result we can gain enhanced control over all our electronics gadgets and devices. To know more, google (Neuroergonomics).

  • Games:


Combining the features of existing games with brain controlling capabilities results in multi-brain entertainment experience. Outcomes is that we can play games and have music according to our mood swing so as recognized by the device.

Though these seem scary and as well as risky we all must come am understanding that

The world is changing and it’s time we do it too.

                                                                                                                                    -Jon Watts




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