“One such celestial week at Ré”

Ouch!  Wake up early; pack your bag! We’re all in for a ride. We’d not expected more, to be honest. The first week of college, was the same for every individual at KCT. Perhaps, I should leave out some enthusiastic few. Shoop… Shoop… as I had gotten almost shook, looking at my schedule. Nevertheless, everything at Ré was at its best functioning, if I must admit.


So, here are the updates from various teams at Ré, for y’all ambitious achievers!



When we had approached audacious Raveena, who happens to handle the team for experts, she gave an insight into the activities, they had entailed along in the past week. She divulges, “We had created new project profiles for the submitted projects and we also have a primed set of review panel for each project; besides that, we’ve started preparations for collection of information, while the contingent duration of alumni meet.




As we walked by, we called on astute Vamika from finance team. She gave away some updates, exclusive of her team. She emphasized on the reimbursements and she’d revealed the scrutinizations that were undertaken pertaining to next intake project.



Nishanth, tech-savvy and Bhuvanes, the cool-head, team leads of “exploration circles” had disclosed some of their team’s updates. They quoted, “We’ve planned to finish up all the exploration circles within August and we’d also discussed regarding improvisation of marketing strategies, concentrating majorly on the first year students”. In addition to these, they mentioned regarding the completion of exploration circle reports.




Then, we came by Yeshwanthini, earnest team lead of Marketing and Promotions. She shined the spotlight upon the marketing strategies; her team had been working on for the impending Alumni meet.






As we trod down at a snail’s pace, we met genial Aashikha, who took us down her road of blogging. She’d revealed, regarding the successful completion of articles collection for the current issue. She also personified her happiness as she’d welcomed new authors embarking upon their odysseys as privileged writers for Ré.





We’d approached quick-witty Gayathri and halcyonic Forona to offer us insights into the past week’s updates. They revealed regarding, their preparations for the impending event, and  organization of the official meet that was held at the Ré work space. They also added details regarding the, separation of domains for the submitted proposals and their review sessions.






Oh! The last one’s saved for the best; as we met exuberant Subhiksha, who resourcefully handles the team of Growth and Community. She’d remarked the overhaul of registration updates for the summer intake and the assignment of Ré ID’s.




And, we’d certainly not forget this week’s official meeting held at the Ré workspace as we all became teary eyed to hear the Prom King, Sangeeth’s departure speech.


“We’d miss your smile; we’d miss your charm; we will miss you Sangeeth”.

 We will always adore and love the man that you are!


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