Have you ever lived in a world filled with ice creams and chocolates? Have you ever lived a fairy tale? Have you ever entered the world of your favourite video game to play your very own game? Have you ever thought of creating a world?

Well, we are now living in a world stuck between virtuality and reality. From envisioning our dream world to actualizing it, technology has bolstered our process of cognition. It’s the beginning of a new era. Virtual reality has created a platform to visualize our dreams physically and create a virtual environment where the person can be a part of it. In today’s bizarre world people sit at home with a funky goggle and build castles in air.


Manufacture your dream weapons. Wage war. Run around the solar system. Make the stars your bullet; shoot the moon. Experience the Milky Way. Bring the thought of being in your own galaxy. Concoct your dish and perceive the aroma.

Isn’t it spine tingling and breathtaking?

Virtual reality games are on the rage because of the fact that the user gets to step into the 3D space and directly interact with the immersive environment. This can be done by using a bio sensor which is attached to your body or the gloves that you use while playing. This records the various motions and triggers a variety of responses. This is then fed back to the computer where the data is analysed to get a well-suited response.


The sky filled with twinkling stars – winged angels with nimbus over their heads sporting magical wands in their hands – mermaids along the sea shore with harps in their hands, as guests featured with smiling faces and millions of heart shaped helium balloons floating around – you in your sleek white dress holding your groom’s hand climbing over a bridge decorated with all kinds of flora built over the voices of tides. It’s no longer a dream. Virtual reality –dream wedding planner?


Education is a big league in life. Often students get bored of today’s education system due to same old text books with painted pictures. It’s time to experience the new world of education. Participate in the Second World War during your history class. Play a role in the short story during your English class. Travel around the world during your geography class. All this can be done with a head mounted helmet which helps you get into the immersive environment.


Virtual reality technique has also proved to be the best treatment for various phobias and post traumatic stress disorders where the patient is exposed to a situation that creates fear and anxiety in a safe and controlled space. The patient thereby learns to manage the situation in real life.


Stepping into your dream world has now become possible. Virtual reality has the power to transfigure vision into reality. Virtual reality is the psychological experience of losing oneself in the digital environment and shutting out cues from the physical world.

“The digital world, the world of virtual reality is going to be a part of the embrace of this great new cooperative venture.”





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