If actualising a new basic law of physics was something to be cherished for, then splintering them apart to substantiate our point right, consorts even more confidence and fame. Traversing forward to interrogate its existence as an intrinsic law, covets an amplitude of temerity and more than that, a heap of stuff to be mastered. Shattering laws of nature and staring at the mode at which such law was endorsed yearns diligence and experience.

Does only experience beget you an adroit in contriving new forms of nature and physics behind it? We all have to think twice before resolving this question.

There is an aspect labelled creativity peeping out to post an answer “No” to that query. Don’t overlook that too.

So, according to me, there are bounteous aspects influencing such a historical act taking place.


Wouldn’t it be engrossing to know recent news on how such laws are under threat now?

The element that we all embrace watching and that which sight impaired people regret is “light”. What if its long term property needs changes now? Yes, the time has approached.

Physicists from Trinity College, Dublin have added a new twist by demonstrating a form of light with a total angular momentum that has a half-integer spin. This may not insinuate to be a worthy finding, but of course, it has ample impact on topological quantum computing which is related to two dimensional quasi particles.

They contrived beams of light with a screwed shape by shining a laser beam first through a polariser and then a crystal and then inside an interferometer.


On the flip side, how about a whole neoteric form of light brought into existence.

The UK physicists modelled a single nanoparticle which is a tiny sphere less than 0.00001 mm in diameter made from a topological insulator. So what does topological insulator mean? It is a particle which conducts only at the edges of the surfaces. When a beam of light was traversed through this material, photons interacted with a single electron and exhibited properties of both. This was really a quite astonishing finding to perceive.

Light on being the heartbeat of space, altered in its properties for a good basis is something to be indebted.

Speaking of light, how could we vamoose without mentioning the star that provides us with light in the cold and dark night. Yes, I am referring to the moon.


How cool will it be if there exists one more moon in the night sky? I am not blabbering, it is going to ensue for real.

Russians have planned to launch a tiny Mayak satellite on a Soyuz 2.1 v vehicle on July 14th from the Balikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It is a giant pyramid shaped reflector. It will be the fourth brightest object in the sky after the Sun, moon, and venus.

While this keeps happening, we need to know what NASA and ISRO have in stake to recite to us this year.


NASA has new evidences that the next habitable zone beyond earth are Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Euceladus. This was propounded on April this year. Amidst these, Euceladus is the best candidate according to scientist Waite.

Most people nowadays accredit that life can exist on Mars, but the true fact now is that it is no longer habitable because all of its characteristics have switched during course of time.

I am not going to leave out ISRO. They have set a new space record this year, successfully launching 104 satellites in one go from the space station at Sriharikota.

“Not all classrooms have four walls “, this whole universe is a platform to brush up on a heck of things.

“Little by little, little becomes a lot”

Know this and explore and then explore more.




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