I am not surprised if I made you think that this article would be a gossip about some serial where the bride had stepped into her new life! As far as India is concerned the new bride, who was welcomed with flooding memes, debates and protests was GST! A bride who is talked about by everyone in the entire nation!


Between “Goodnight Sweetdreams Takecare” and “Goods and Service Tax”, we all seem to have grown up. Like Indians attaining freedom from the British after many struggles, we are now free from the imposition of 17 different taxes after tumultuous years of debate. However, the fruit hasn’t ripened yet, for sure. Certainly, its advantages can be reaped only in the long run.


The response that we received from people, in my opinion, is the magnitude of fear they possess over this new regime. It is the tension that any bride, will have on entering her in-laws’ house, to be precise. A brand new set of rules, a quick decision and sudden implementation will naturally make the commoners suffer.


Let us have a general look at the prices of goods. The cost of ghee, curd and ice-cream has risen up and the purchase of cereals, jaggery, and food grains has come down. This makes us summarize the other hidden plan of Modiji to reduce the fat of citizens to enable them to be healthy! This may be an added intention too! Who knows!


On the other hand, government had intentionally avoided bulk revenue makers like real estates, electricity, alcohol, cigarettes and so on. Now alcoholics will only bare the pain of getting side dishes at a higher rate!


P. Chidambaram, a prime mover of GST, cautioned all of us by expanding GST as “Get Set for Turbulence”! Congress, Left parties, DMK, NC, RJD boycotted midnight launch and dubbed it as a tamasha. Why is it so?


Working for a diverse country like India is difficult and criticism is a part and parcel of democracy. Goods and Service Tax rather than “Good and Simple Tax” put an end to the harassment of honest traders, plugging leakages and paving way for transparency. It is a check for those lavish money spenders and for that group, who used the loopholes of the previous system to their convenience.


Over-time, clarity and familiarity, will drive stakeholders to adapt and adhere. However, looking at the other side of the coin,” ONE TAX,ONE NATION” has been slightly altered to “ONE TAX, ONE NATION, FEW SUBTAXES”. Some economists report that CGST, SGST are new names for VAT, Service tax etc. The tax slabs (5%, 12%, 18%, 28%, 0%) are not fixed and are subjected to change. Life, health and motor insurances are expensive and to top it off; our country has the lowest insurance penetration in the world.


But we have to admit the fact that it has the ability to solve the major economy setback of India and promises to bring a lot of revenue to the government in the future.

As the Bhagavath Gita line goes,


Which means good qualities put their footprints everywhere. A change that caused 140 countries to flourish could not fail in India. The alterations we made in the pre-existing GST have the possibility of being an example to other nations. For now, let’s have the patience to see the results in the distant future!!


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