“Change is inevitable, but growth is optional”


This week has fully been about finding the right pace and growing as a team. Though it’s vacation time, Ré has made sure that its targets were met. So let us take a look into the various happenings of the week.


Growth and Community:

Just like the past week, the summer intake registration is going on in full swing. The deadline was earlier set to the 30th of June and people had been registering through Google forms. Now the dates have been extended till the 20th of July. The dates for the Zeroth review will be finalised once the registration is closed. We are keen on taking up projects that assure quality during this intake.

Program Management Team:


The Program Management team’s “Mind Marathon” had a very good response from the followers. Following that up, they had selected the winners of the event and are working on the type of prizes that can be distributed to them. Another event called “Puzzle Mania” was conducted on instagram and had many people actively participating in it. They are also planning to launch their next series of events that is sure going to be exciting.

Experts Committee:


The experts committee has selected three new experts who will be mentoring the summer intake projects effectively. The experts will keep a track of the progress of the projects and will lend their timely expert advice and help.

Accounts and Finance team:

They are currently working on contacting the various teams with regard to the reimbursement process. They are also working on settling the budget of the previous year. Collection of bills is also currently done and recorded by them.

Promotions and branding team:


The Promotions and Branding team are currently working on the various updates on the social media like Facebook and Instagram. They are working on promotion strategies for the events planned by the program management team too!

Do follow the page on Facebook and Instagram to know more about the happenings and events.

Content Generation team:

They have finalised the theme for the first issue of the magazine for this month and a deadline has been set. They have given the authors appropriate instructions to elevate the quality of the articles. Proofreading of the articles is also going on in a full swing. They have made the entire Ré team to create an account on WordPress , and by doing so have given them more space to contribute to the blog. They have also scheduled the whole team to write newsletters.

Exploration Circle:


They are currently collecting reports from the 7 circles and are organising them. Preliminary corrections and check for plagiarism are being carried out. The policy framing has reached its final phase and a new action plan has been framed. Preparation of posters for the newcomers is also being carried out.

Thus it is evident that the week has been a productive one for all the teams. Though the communication is only through slack and other social media, the targets are set and are attained with no excuse. And that is why this week has proved to be the week of growth.



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