12 months or 365 days or 8765 hours or 5,25,900 minutes or 3,15,36,000 seconds have gone by successfully in Ré, as we celebrated our first anniversary on the 1st of July.

Do have a look at our video to travel the year along with us. Visit our visual at:


We thank you all for your continued support and dedication that has helped Ré in accomplishing its current status. We are grateful and thank each one of you for your part in helping out to keep this forum up and running, and as a team, we have achieved the most memorable first year.

On this first anniversary, we are delighted to let you know that Ré has achieved milestones and is successfully entering into a fresh new year with 8 teams and are working together to impart and enhance research culture in KCT. We greatly appreciate the role you play in the growth of research culture and Ré!

Ré, a year ago!
Ré, now!

We’re still open to receive your project ideas for this Summer Intake. For those who have not applied yet, following is the link! Enroll your ideas, do what it takes and take what it does. The link for the registration:


Do not miss this opportunity!

The Growth & Community Team have begun assigning Ré IDs to the abstracts, ideas and projects received so far. Many queries are being answered and there’s lot of hustle- bustle about this intake and is filled with excitement.

The Experts Team are on with their preparations for collecting  information from alumni and experts during the Global Alumni Meet to be held soon!

The Program Management Team along with the Promotions & Branding Team went on to conduct another online event, this time on Instagram named “Puzzle Mania”. The event had 7 witty riddles to be answered. The responses were comparatively better since this was an Instagram event. The winners will be announced soon!

The Content Generation Team have announced the theme to their set of talented authors. Watch out for another set of interesting articles themed on “Current Affairs“.

The Exploration Circle Team have arranged for a visit and the students will soon be visiting ISRO along with their respective circle members.

It was yet another interesting week in Ré.


Higher targets!

Bigger dreams!

Many more accomplishments to come!




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