If perception is an art of identification and interpretation of sensory information, then of course colour being perceived is a Picasa of it.  Being colour blind if called a curse, nothing wrong in it though. Seeing things with impeccably merged colours brings elation to us. People dote on jollity in witnessing such an otherworldly creation.

So just visualize a world without colours, where there exist no more captivating things for sure. Does it only take away the prodigious glee it brings?  Or maybe the serenity it imparts in us?


If you have a “yes” for this interrogation, then you just have to comprehend it twice.

If I tell that your memory power will incapacitate gradually under such a prospect, then would you call me crazy or brainy?

To authenticate it, let me untangle some impacts of colour on our memory.

Colours are customarily having some sort of significance related to our brain functions. In general colour confers an advantage either when it is strongly associated with an object’s identity or when sufficient processing time is allowed that the object enjoys conceptual and not perpetual processing.

You may notice that people recognise lot of things by its colour. Likewise forgetting things having just a black and white background. Sounds weird right? But it’s the fact. This propels us to have ample knowledge on it.

Experiments unfurl that colour seems to aid people in processing and storing images in the so called brain of us and retrieve it when they are in need of.

Commercialization is something dealt on various aspects of life. Colours are the heartbeats of advertisers. It’s by virtue of people remembering ads and brands just due to their tantalizing colours. It is not being said by me as such, surveys made on this has given positive responses that colour meliorates memory of us as well.


A plethora of studies have been conducted in understanding the role of colour in enhancing memory. To state it in a statistical way, let me depict you some of the evidences.

Spence, Wous, Rusan and Rastegar examined the ability to recognise coloured and grey-scale images of neutral scene with 120 participants. The results were that 5% higher performance was seen in coloured condition. On the other hand Smilek, Dixon and Merikle carried out a study to investigate the same actuality. The subjects were made to recall things based on colour perceptions. This exhibited an unbounded improvement. Vernon and Lloyd Jones conducted a study to further explore the effects of colour in implicit and explicit memory.


Interestingly, the worthy contribution made by Pranav Mistry for his work, “The sixth sense technology” has to rely much on colour recognition. It is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that info. Coloured markers are placed at the tips of users’ fingers which are then located with the help of simple computer- vision techniques.


Something special right? Check out how such lucid factors can compart a major prompt force for many aspects of life.

“Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you cannot begin to explore your possibilities.”

Know the uniqueness in each expedition and exploit it.

Stay colourful!



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