“Teamwork divides the task & multiplies the success.”

With the college being on holidays currently the entire team is working on respective targets to start off the new academic year on a great note and to consolidate the previous years data.

The Growth & Community team is currently working on sending mails to the teams that have registered for the Summer Project intake. Templates have been mailed to the registered teams. Reminder mails to teams that are yet to send the progress trackers and mails asking for modifications in the received progress trackers have also been done.

The Program Management team along with the Promotions & Branding team successfully conducted an online event called the “Mind Marathon” with over 40 responses for each round. Results for competition will be announced this week!

The Program Management team is currently planning for another online event which will be conducted in the coming week and is also consolidating on the major events that will be conducted in the coming academic year.

Do stay in touch with our Facebook page for more updates!

The Promotions & Branding team is currently preparing for the Alumni Meet that is going to be conducted in July. They have also begun marketing for the Summer Intake registration of research projects.


           “A simple idea can inspire, motivate and produce change!”

To register your Research idea and earn the opportunity of having your project funded and getting guidance from experts register with the below link:



The Accounts & Finance team is currently working on contacting teams with regard to the reimbursement process. Works on settling last years budget are also underway.

The Exploration Circle team is re-framing the regulations for the Exploration Circles. They hope to increase productivity and efficiency of the various circles through these improvements.


The Experts team has been working on building the alumni database and on updating information on experts. Re- framing the work procedure for the upcoming summer intake is also in progress. They also plan to collaborate with the Sahitya club for the Global Alumni Meet.

                  “The soul becomes dyed with the color of our thoughts.”                         

The Content Generation team have been actively working with writers in collecting their thought on the theme “Colours” for new articles in the blog! They have published the monthly issue and also 6 new articles have been posted this week.


To explore the world of colour through our articles just click the link below and enjoy the ride!


It was indeed a productive week for the team with many targets being met and significant successes being achieved!








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