Yay Strawberry! The kid yelled and asked her father, “Papa, are strawberries yellow colored?”

Father smiled and asked his daughter, “But honey, aren’t they red in color?”

Kid gave a confused look at her father. He bought eye glasses for his daughter and asked again. “It’s red”, the kid replied.


People with colour blindness are difficult to identify as they aren’t blinded but wouldn’t be able to recognize and differentiate certain colours. Colour deficiency is of red/green colour deficit (deuteranopia) and blue/yellow colour deficit (tritanopia). Deuteranopia is the most common deficiency. Ironically, researchers having this deficiency find difficultly in their work as they often deal with colours.



Yes! We all have had illusions since existence. People say our world is filled with millions of colors. Uhmmm! Really? Apple is not red and milk isn’t white but just mere reflectance.  In accordance to physics, lights of different wavelengths fall on objects and the molecular surfaces of it absorbs most of the wavelength but reflects certain. The reflected wavelength combines and produces something visible (say colour). Strawberry appears red as it absorbs everything except wavelength of red.

Statement broken

Until 1998, Doctor’s had a quote to say “No treatment has been discovered for Colour deficiency”. In 1999, Dr.Thomas Azman after his years of research came up with a fortune for colour blinded casualties. He broke the curse of quote with his Colour Correction system .Wavelength reflected from object results visible colour. This system has the capability to alter the wavelength of colours and intrudes eye through glasses or contact lenses. It aided the people with deficiency without any kind of ill effects. Colour vision is often examined by pseudo isochromatic plate tests and people with deficiency are able to pass it with a glass.



Colour vision

Lately in 2006, Mark Changizi, an evolutionary neurobiologist proposed a colour vision theory. Pairs of lenses were developed to observe oxygenation and haemoglobin variations of skin based on that theory. The lenses enhance vasculature beneath skin to help nurses identify veins and also amplify trauma and bruising that might be invisible to our eyes. Researchers made use of colour vision theory also to aid colour blinded people. They came up with eyewear which has Oxy-iso variety of lenses. Daniel Bor, a neuroscience professor at University of Sussex failed Ishihara colour test (a colour blindness test). In this test, a circle of dots containing a number visible only to normal people but not for deficit people is present. Fortunately with the help of Oxy-iso lenses Borfelt was extremely happy as he passed Ishihara test just like a normal person. Oxy – isolenses only helps people with red/green colour deficiency since colour vision theory has been developed to visualize oxygenated blood.




Colour Correction system has no limitation and offers complete assistance for colour disorder. Though several devices were developed, there has been no proper treatment discovered for colour blindness medically. App developers are helping colour deficiency people with their apps. They do image processing by making use of user’s cam. Lots of apps with advanced features are available for android and iOS platforms.



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