Colours are the human visual perception of the surrounding objects, in the colour category. The colours of the cosmos cannot be classified because of the continuous change in the life of the heavenly bodies. We lie beneath the canopy of sky and stars shining bright with golden yellow to diamond white. The dot like objects on the sky in the reality is hot, burning and glowing gases in the space. They seem to change their colour from blue to yellow to red which is an ever longing process that has been taking place over 5 billion years.


Spotting the colours

     Compiling the entire universe into a ball and when it is viewed with our naked eye, we would probably see a big bland boring white. But when it is viewed after passing it through a prism we get a wide range of colours from violet to ruby red, making it look like a Strasburg rainbow Frappuccino. Since there is an enormous pattern of colours present in the space, the scientists built the cosmic spectrum, comprising of every minute detailed colours of the galaxies.

The black beauty

      Our universe is pitching black even with the presence of millions of galaxies with billions of stars. The reason for this is yet unknown and it’s called as The Olber’s Paradox. One of the most voted reasons is that when the source such as the star is moving away, the wavelength becomes longer and gears towards the red and has the possibility to shift further more making the sky dark at night. Another black beauty would be the black holes. These puzzlers do not emit or absorb light and hence they appear black. They have a heavy appetite for the surrounding stars and gases filled with glowing colours, but as they cross the event horizon everything becomes a dark, darker and darkest colour known to us.


The palette

     Though there are theories explaining about the darkness of the universe; the actual colour of our universe is beige. The scientists mixed the light given off by 200,000 galaxies and they found out that the final result was beige. However, this colour has been fading due to the prevalence of the red stars over the past 10 billion years. The colour of the universe had changed from pale turquoise to beige and now it is a mix of elegant colours such as pale pink, cream and also has a perfect touch of turquoise.


The aura

      The aura of each individual changes depending on their characteristics. It can also be defined as the colours of the space based on the state and stage they are. We see the colours in the universe with a mind that entangles with the colours that represents us though there are zillions of ranges and mixes of colours that has been painted in the ever expanding universe of ours.


They give us most amazing view that can be enjoyed during the fall and in the horizon. The overwhelming power of colours gives us an eye treat.



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