Your voice is sweet! Her pitch matches Lata Mangeshkar! Oh….nightingale! The best compliment that a vocalist could earn, related to popular singers, birds or eatables! The weirdest appreciation that an artist ever received could be “YOU TONED ORANGY!” A RELATION WITH COLOUR! WHAT A PECULIAR IMAGINATION!

Then, after googling, I got to know, that this kind thinking is a disorder, rather a “BEAUTIFUL DISORDER”,   that I have ever heard!

CHROMESTHESIA, sound to colour synesthesia, is a neurological phenomenon, where triggering one sensory pathway (sound), automates a secondary cognitive area (colour), involuntarily.


Now, let’s do a simple math! MUSIC conveys EMOTION! COLOURS convey EMOTION! So from the former and latter, music and colours have similar associations.

Let’s try with a song! Shape of you along with its BGM, and visual, might stimulate bright, vivid yellowish colours (response for happiest-sounding music) in brain. The colour is conceived according to the mood!


A melancholy music might drive in dull, dark, grayish ones. An outrageous hymn sways crimson, red colours. Thus, the interconnection between MUSIC and COLOUR is mediated by EMOTION! It’s a clever game with senses indeed!

CHROMESTHETES sort in two ways! Projectors – they capture colours into external world! It is like the abstract designs that we behold in DJ parties when the chorus is on! The other kinds of people are associators – they experience the colours inside their heads.


It seems like they live in a fantasy world right! The famous musician W.A Mozart said the key of D major had a warm “orangey” sound to it, while B flat minor was “blackish”. He trusted his synesthesia during his composition sessions. It must have been interesting to be a musician in one o Luzt’s( Hungarian composer) orchestras. He would use comments like, “o please, gentlemen, a little bluer!’ “That is a deep violet!” “Not so rose!”


To me, these people are more practical! Pitch, chord, bass, tempo, harmony, alto, off-key, flat… do you get anything? A person who doesn’t know the ABCD of music….will she/he understand “YOUR PROGESSION IS SHARP” how about “IT IS A LITTLE DARK RED! MAKE IT PLEASANT RED!” it is much a way better! Right!?

And the next question! What makes them choose that colour while hearing this song? It may include tempo (slow to fast), energy (low to high), volume (soft to loud), complexity (simple to complex) or distortion (clear to distorted)


Well, why it is then the interaction is between eyes and ears, though we have three more senses!? Our eyes register the sight of glass shattering to pieces as it hits the floor at the same time that our ears register the sound of it breaking, right! Technically, it is the cross-modal connection between our senses that enable our brains to integrate things.


In a way, it is a POWER OF MIND! Synesthestes can be left alienated, assuming their visualizations of the world are invalid. But the truth is, their world is more beautiful and eternal than ours! They are more creative and artistic! A baby crying, a fire alarm, an ambulance screams, clock sound, etc……. might appear dazzling in their sphere. Maybe our experience of the world is at basic level! 😉



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