Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.”

We are all in our summer holidays with works going on. For better monitoring of the projects, Growth & Community team is collecting the monthly progress tracker from the students. They are also working to update the ongoing project details other than capstone projects. The google forms can be filled in order to apply for the next summer intake and the link for the same is,

https://goo.gl/forms/cYeKHQhX1x7vAQXx2 .

A number of tasks to be completed were discussed in the whole team slack meet with Mr. Arun Kumar Manoharan. The Program Management team has planned few events. They are going to conduct the online event “Mind marathon-online apti league” on June 12th, 14th and 16thIn order to participate in the online events, you ought to find our Ré’s Facebook page, where the links will be provided. Succeeding the mind Marathon, many online events are to be conducted on weekly basis.


The new policy for exploration circle with thought-provoking changes is being framed to make the meeting of circles more active. The new policy for exploration circle will be launched by next week. Exploration circle team is working on collecting the reports from the current exploration circles to include it in the Ré magazine.

Settlement of accounts and reimbursement for capstone projects is going on and work is being carried out by the Accounts & Finance team. The plan for expanding the trust shop inside campus and outside Ré in the places like department faculty room is under process. This plan was made after a number of discussions and various suggestions from the Ré family members.

The Experts team has been involved in the work of collecting the various field expert’s details for the upcoming reviews of the ongoing projects and the next ostentatious summer intake projects. The Google form with a number of questions asking the experts about their profile and field of expertise was circulated last week. The responses are being updated day to day.

If at first you don’t succeed, search, search again. That is why we call it re-search.”

Promotions & Branding team is working on Ré’s impact video and has posted few articles on Ré’s Facebook page. Creating a strong impact for Ré through the various social sites, Instagram page, Facebook page, and the official website of Ré is being done effectively by our marketing team. To read more on newest developments in research and exploration, do visit and follow our Instagram account,      Research_at_kct(http://www.instagram.com/research_at_kct/) and our Facebook page,                                                             Ré(http://www.facebook.com/kctresearch/).

The articles of the previous and the present issue have been published and documented by the Content Generation team. The next issue is on its way with a bang. The theme for the next issue is “colours”. The next issue will deliberate the concept of colours, its different angles and diverse aspects. To explore more about it do look out for this issue.



Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower so let us bring the revolution to be a leader. “




The next summer intake is open to bring your project ideas into light. “Everything begins with an idea”, as rightly said by Earl Nightingale, “Bring your idea to reality” using this opportunity.

It was an astounding week with many works being done with perfection. Lot more targets ahead. We have to do the best in order to shape the future triumphantly!



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