The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.

Ré celebrated its Valedictory Ceremony on the 8th of May, 2017 to laud and honour the efforts of all the seniors who played an important role in Ré and also felicitated and recognize the students who completed their projects through Ré. The ceremony was presided by our Join Correspondent, Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, our Principal, Dr. R.S. Kumar, HODs and faculties including all the project students.


The ceremony began auspiciously with a prayer song by Ms. Aswathy from the 3rd year of Biotech and it was followed by the welcome address by Ms. Aashikha, Team lead, Content Generation who welcomed all the guests  for having taken time to make their gracious presence. The accomplishments of Ré in the past year and the report on all of Ré’s activities was presented by Ms. Vamika Sagar,Team Lead, Accounts& Finance.

Aswathy                  Aashikha             Vamika                  Ms. Aswathy                               Ms. Aashikha                             Ms. Vamika



Motivational thoughts and words of appreciation from our Principal, Dr. R.S. Kumar was indeed a boost to all the students who were successful in completing their projects as well as to the members of Ré to work better and better and that the sky is the limit.


The Principal’s Address was followed by the presentation of the Capstone Project papers by Ms. Deniela Gréne, Member, Growth & Community bringing to light the project ideas and the students and the guides who have worked behind this. Certificates were distributed by our Principal to all the students who successfully completed their projects.


The Presidential Address by Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar instilled a number of thoughts in us and left us thinking on how to reach higher and keep growing in the process and he then honoured our beloved seniors of Ré for their tremendous efforts in helping Ré grow and grow along as well.


The seniors were called upon by the MoCs, Ms. Sumana and Ms. Michelle with few words of description of their personality and their character as they came on stage to receive their certificates.


A constant learner, he has been the reason behind a lot of smiles and it is with a lot of heartfelt happiness, that we honour our ProM king, Mr.Sangeeth Eshwaran.


One such gentleman, who has handled even stress with swag, had been handling the finance team of Ré for a year, the prosocial Mr. Saainath.


An open-minded, witty personality, he has always worked to the fullest of his potential and always challenges his limitations, none but our very own Mr. Rudolf Virjo.


She is rational and level-headed and she has a beautiful sensitive side as well, and knows the routes to your heart, the bold but humble, Ms. Surya.


A constant observer, he has always been supportive, considerate and thoughtful is Mr. Venkat, the kind and pleasant.


From a silent, nervous girl to a bold, courageous, yet soft woman, the HR of Ré couldn’t have been anybody else but Ms. Kavya.


She had a driving force that guided her through obstacles and had access to an endless source of energy that definitely made her stand out in a crowd. She easily made choices and dared to take risks, our dedicated and enthusiastic, Ms. Swetha.


Everyone of them has been important to Ré and has played a significant role in all of Ré’s happenings and the ceremony came to an end with Ms. Yeshwanthini, Team Lead, Promotions & Branding presenting the Vote of Thanks.

The projects were in display and everyone were intrigued and awestruck by the efforts that have gone into its completion. Ré appreciates all the students for their efforts and wishes them luck in all the future endeavours.

   Display                         Project1

The valedictory ceremony followed by the semester examinations got all of us busy and studying, striving hard to perform well.

Work for the account closing of capstone projects and settlement of budgets were on by the Accounting & Finance team last month.

Students can now look out for an opportunity to put to task their project ideas and take it a step higher by applying for them at Ré. Realize your dreams of seeing your project ideas turn out be successful with the help from us at Ré.

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