Father exclaimed, “My dear son! It’s summer!”

And his son briskly interrogated, “So what dad?”

“We shall never check in for weeks. Let’s move ahead”, replied his father.

Yeah! Summer is the time for relaxation, off to sun bath, and definitely the time to let our phones and laptops to be kept aside and arghhh! We are looking out for vitamin D. Does anyone actually wish to be staring at the mobile screen rather than enjoying the comfortable weather outdoors? Well, some do. But, I certainly don’t.

It will be quite awkward to carry the tech tools when we are about to enjoy being in the outdoors. Most aren’t meant for productivity. They never help you to have fun. Just scout for summer-friendly tech and put down your laptops and business phones. Try to live in a way that our grandparents used to. Life was so beautiful during those days. Hopefully some of the gadgets find useful ways to assist us; provide comfort and would ultimately allow us to enjoy the trip. You can simply walk out anywhere in the world with Google maps rather than waiting for a tour guide. GPS keeps tracking you, so that you never lose your way. Trekking to coldest places in this hot summer might be a good choice for people who wish to explore a lot. I’d definitely go but unfortunately I won’t be permitted. I enjoy trekking. Sigh…


Summer! Go for it.

Taste differs from one person to another. And not everyone would wish to spend their whole vacation outdoors. Sometimes it could be boring.

Nothing in this world brings much happiness than playing with kids. Have kids at home? Don’t ever forget to mess with them. Few active kids might even wish to enhance their skills and increase their digital knowledge and some even go beyond to the level of applying them all practically. Whoa! Ain’t that cool? I bet it is cooler than getting high grades in examinations as it all comes to the point of applying the gained knowledge. Well, here you go people! I have listed a few tech-stuff to get started for your children.

Camp Google Google is now offering several courses which are absolutely free and useful. Camp Google is specifically targeted for small kids aged 7-10, mentored by experts and centered on interesting and interactive science activities. No matter you miss your lessons on time; you can freely roam around for lessons anytime and learn.

Dive into a DIY- Doing stuff on our own gives a great feel. For kids, it will be Christmas. Yay! They get to go all messy! But wait, you ought to guide them how to learn and have fun simultaneously. Lots of fun projects are available in YouTube. It apparently helps your child to learn and create things that are productive.

Photo Hunt-  Ask your kid to take a photograph of everything they find with a camera, iPod, smart phone or tablet. Afterwards explore the photographs to teach them. Make an album using those photographs for memories. Awww! An educational album filled with too much fun.


I’m different. I always find happiness in the absence of technology. But the present world requires children to have quick learning sessions and only technology could aid in that way. So, now the need for technology is quite irresistible but could be replaceable.          We just don’t have the right solution yet.

Powered by Bacteria:

Most of you might end up arguing with the person who believes that, obtaining electricity from bacteria is possible. Aaaha! Well, you know where I’m heading towards; Yup. A researcher has found bio-solar panels that have biological-solar (bio-solar) cells in it and continuously produce electricity from the panel and generates better output than any other conventional small-scale bio-solar cell.

It differs from a conventional bio-solar cell in a way that anodes and cathodes (positive and negative terminals) are made of different materials. To house the bacteria a specific miniature micro fluidic-based single-chambered device was created as a replacement for the conventional, dual-chambered bio-solar cells.

These solar cells are made of biological cells. To make it scalable and stretchable, they are arranged in a pattern of 3×3, forming nine similar cells. On a 12-day night cycle of 60 hours test, panels from photosynthesis and respiratory activities of the bacteria continuously generated electricity.

As cyanobacteria can be found in almost every terrestrial and aquatic habitat; researchers are currently involved in producing electricity from that. If they are successful it will be the source of cleanest, sustainable energy.


In a study, it was revealed that biological solar panels generated 0.00003726 watts at a moment in (6×10 configurations) from 60 bio cells. But traditional solar panel on the roof with similar configuration generates around 200 watts.

“Once a functional bio-solar panel becomes available, it could become a permanent power source for supplying long-term power for small, wireless telemetry systems as well as wireless sensors used at remote sites where frequent battery replacement is impractical,” said Seokheun ‘Sean’ Choi, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in Binghamton University’s Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science, and co-author of the paper, in a 11 April press statement.

Electro Wi-Fi




Japanese people never stop themselves from developing. They discovered an interesting way to transmit electric power and it will be done wirelessly.

The Japanese Space Agency, JAXA’s Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS) involved in research to transmit power wirelessly from orbiting solar panels are about to achieve this feat. Possibly they may do this after a decade. On 12th March, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI) performed test on “wireless power transmission”, a discovery that will serve as the basis for the SSPS. Through microwave unit, 10kW of electricity was successfully transmitted in a test. Transmission was successfully indicated by LED lights which were located 500 meters away from the receiver. It’s a great advancement in power transmission by Japanese.

JAXA’s new technology may solve both environmental and energy issues on Earth. If wireless power transmission is possible, without any cables via microwave, then laser power from a battery in orbit (36,000km above earth) will be simultaneously transmitted. Countries such as India, China and Japan are investing heavily in these technologies right now.

On JAXA’s website it claims, that on comparison with nuclear power and fossil fuel power systems with operational SSPS, the carbon dioxide emission was much less than fossil fuels power system and same as from nuclear power system. Now investments have gotten pretty high, for this type of technology.

Swish…Swish… Oops, not Katy Perry!  I meant the change of energy needs.

Anyways, Chill this summer with technology y’all!




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