Hurray! It is the time to stop cloaking your body in a drab woolen prison! Start dressing like the freely dancing druid you secretly feel yourself to be inside!


The year has attained manhood! Summer time conjures up images of full-blooming nature, fluttering butterflies and night-time crickets. It also reflects sweltering sheets, stagnant heat, and a restless night where flipping over a cool pillow is the only way to survive!

Rising temperature revolutionize life, forcing changes on industry and the general public. It is the time of the year when people rush to hill stations, ice-cream vendors making huge-profits and TV ads flood with air conditioners and offers! We wear sun-glasses, sun-screens, take umbrellas etc…  Even an umbrella cannot provide respite, as you get drenched in your sweat as if you have been out in the rain!

Even animals tend to follow tactics! Buffaloes can be seen neck-deep sunk into ponds and streams. Squirrels burrow into mud of drying lakes and create a cocoon of mucus for shelter. Elephants take a hearty splash of water over them with their trunks!


Plump berries, juicy plums, aromatic cherries, mangoes! This is one time of year when fruits really grab our attention and tastes wonderfully refreshing!


Sun, sand, poolside fun – despite the fact that summer no long means 2 months off from school, summer is certainly a glorious time! Sun isn’t quite the mortal enemy, it sometimes made out to be (vitamin D) but you certainly do need to make a strong effort to protect yourself against its damaging effects!

According to the National Farmers Union, this summer’s heat wave has led to a higher than usual death rate in poultry farms. Drought stress in crops has increased sharply in the past 20 years. Warming temperature in past decade had already turned more farmers to growing maize and sunflower and they seem to save water for irrigation of higher value vegetables.

So the conventional proverb goes, “make hay while the sun shines”. But in recent times, you need to save water to ‘make the hay shine in the sun!’.


The medical profession has been warned by the department of health to expect fewer cold-related winter deaths but more heat-related summer deaths and skin cancers. Recent heat waves cause indigestion, diarrhoea, intestinal cramps and loss of appetite. Summer is known as “kidney stone season” among medics, as one in ten of us suffer from the painful condition of large-stone formation made of mineral wastes in kidney.

Solar heating equipment sales have rocketed during these days as sun burns at this full power at all seasons. Sea-level rise and flooding are likely to have the greatest effect over the world under global warming.


Keeping all these things apart, summers had always a logic all their own and brought something out in me. Summer meant to be freedom and youth and no school and possibilities and adventure and exploration.

Now, let’s imagine the weather gods suddenly decide that the summer season would be no more. Seasons would go from spring to fall to winter. What does that prospect invoke in you? Sad? Glad? Mad?

Schools without vacations? No mangoes for life? Can’t wear bright clothes hereafter? Life would become hell! You have to undergo these sweaty days to sleep cozy under a blanket in winter! So is life! You have to face failures to taste success! Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs.

A man standing in the cool and calm atmosphere of his house can hardly know what heat can do to a person. We sometimes do feel hot in spite of the fan! What about a labor whose job demands him to work on the road under the hot sun!?

I am summer, come to lure you

Away from your computer,

Come dance on my fresh grass,

Dig your toes into my beaches!


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