“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities!”

With the first project from Ré, the Capstone project, almost complete, schedule for their final review is being finalized. The valedictory function is coming up, and preparations have begun with team members working on the invitation and the agenda of the function.


To ensure efficient work and to keep a check on each other, a monthly progress tracker is being designed by the Growth and Community team. Final review works and collection of reports are the current tasks of this team.


With exams and holidays underway, slack proved to be a very useful tool and the team had a meeting to brainstorm on names for the magazine. Work for the magazine is on progress and it is with quite a lot of ado that the team contributed names, post which a voting occurred to decide which among the many were the best. A few have been shortlisted and the finalized name is yet to be decided.


The exploration circle team has completed shooting videos to document all the circles that are in progress. Our editors are giving their touch of magic before the videos are published.

Marketing team is working on strengthening the Facebook page, the YouTube channel, the Instagram page and the official website of Ré. The website of Ré went official post a session of thoughts and suggestions posted by the entire family! Do visit the link, http://researchandexploration.gq to have a look at our website!

To read more on latest developments in research and exploration, do visit and follow our Instagram account, Research_at_kct (https://www.instagram.com/research_at_kct/) and our Facebook page, Ré (https://www.facebook.com/kctresearch/).

Previously documented articles are being combined into monthly issues by the Content Generation team. The theme for the articles for the next month is being finalized. Plans are underway to improve the marketing of the blog.

We are also glad to bring to you the other achievements of the members of Ré. It is a matter of great pride as Ms. Dhanabala Subhiksha, head of Growth and Community has been selected as the President of the Biotechnology department association and Mr. Bhuvanes as the President of the Textile Technology department association.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress!”

With much gusto, the team is looking forward to another week, filled with schedules and deadlines!


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