We might have heard people chanting the word “diamond” too many times in our lives. Well, it is in the kaju kathli we eat, the kite we fly, and even in the road signs that alert us!


”Adamas” the Greek word for diamond, says Google. Wait! Doesn’t that sound like adamant ass? I’m just assuming that the hardest nature of diamond might have brought about such a fancy Greek name.

In the middle of sleeping lecture pills, my professor had been offering me, I still remember him saying that “diamond is a tetrahedral transparent crystal” and gladly I had quoted down this as an example for face-centered cubic system in my first semester exam.


I mull over diamonds as beautiful women empowered with technology. Now who doesn’t want to be a techno-savvy? I certainly do and diamonds definitely are technologically advanced elements.

This mesmerizing, structured lady called diamond is a versatile woman. She bears all the heat and behaves eco-friendly. She is to replace silicon, the ruler of semi-conductor world in the next few years. She proves not only to be romantic but also an enchanter for lovers leading possibly to their beautiful marriages. They also play major roles in the purification of water and in power management.

The company General Electric, had developed a new material which is a combination of diamonds and silicon, called silicon carbide. It is used in chips to build highly efficient invertors that are used to switch the D.C produced by solar cells into A.C.

Diamonds have come to rescue the thermal management challenges, a potential disadvantage posed by silicon materials used in equipment like amplifiers, control systems, invertors, electronic instruments etc…

Although diamond lady is found to be very sensitive, responsive and selective, she is considered to have a huge potential for use in devices such as bio-medical sensors.

The Fraunhofer institute, Germany and MQ photonics research centre, Australia have built a diamond-based laser that is 20 times more powerful than any industrial laser.
She appears to be musical too! Techies use diamonds in stereo system for enhanced sound quality performance.

Diamond speaker domes enhance the performance of high-quality speakers. Being very stiff and when made into a thin dome, it can vibrate rapidly without the deformation that would degrade sound quality.

In terms of cutting tools, she is abrasive when attached to other type of materials and a polisher when transformed to paste or powder.

Let hostel chapattis be harder than diamonds (Pun intended) and let all April birthday celebrators proudly boast that diamonds are their birth gem stones! I want a world filled with non-extravagant diamonds replacing silicon materials. We only have a diamond valley lake but diamonds don’t have a specific valley of their own just like silicon holds one of its own, popularly known as the “silicon valley”.

Diamond windows are made from thin diamond membranes and are used to cover openings in laser, x-ray machines, and vacuum chambers. They are transparent, very durable and resistant to heat and abrasions.

Believe it or not, there is a US based company called Taaneh that had specialized in the idea of diamond particles being implemented in the development of anti-counterfeiting systems for authentication, construction and identification technologies.


After coming across all these facts about diamonds, it is quite common for readers to come up with a question, if it is feasible to use diamonds in every device? And surprisingly, the answer is YES!

The sparkling lady has the ability to work extremely well under high pressure! All she needs is a laboratory that uses ultra-pure-carbon-rich gases and a chemical vapor deposition method! Thus it manifests to be cheaper, reliable and found to deliver at a greater range!

As a ‘heat sink’ for sensitive components used in the telecommunications industry and in micro-electronic devices, she keeps evolving to reach new heights.

And yes, whoever feels low; just remember diamonds are only carbon, a simple element! You are so much more! Just imagine a diamond-made Smartphone! Wouldn’t it be cooler to have a diamond smart phone, whilst chatting with your buddy?

To conclude, the talented lady on patching up with her soul mate technology gives the impression of being productive and significant to the world! Thus here comes THE DAWN OF DIAMOND AGE IN ELECTRONICS! It’s high time, we get updated! In that sense, diamonds will provide road maps for an unknown “n” number of years ahead in power electronics development!

Sounds cheesy huh? I know it does! Well kudos to diamonds and technology!


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