It’s the end of yet another week, and so much has happened that it was time to pause and look back at how much we had progressed.



The week kick-started with the birthday celebration of our ProM-king! Sangeeth Eshwaran’s birthday brought a smile on every face. With a cake cutting and a poster with the memories he has shared with the family, we tried to show him we loved him, just as much as he loved us. The birthday boy himself made it more special by dedicating a story, his story about the Ré family!



Last week at Ré saw two more reviews. Tuesday and Thursday were filled with activity as the team worked efficiently and conducted two more successful reviews.

The air was thick with excitement as the Capstone project is nearing completion and this is to be the first project to be completed from Ré.


The photographers had a busy week as they went around clicking pictures of the project to be updated.


Slack for official meets

With the leads realising that the usage of Slack had been reduced to a major extent, a team meet was organised which saw all the members discussing on some of the major challenges faced by the team. Post a wonderful brainstorming session, we managed to gather some productive ideas on how to encourage more experts to attend the reviews.

Thermocol to prevent evaporation?

Yet another discussion on the latest news which put the entire state to shame took place. With the joint correspondent, Shri.Shankar Vanavarayar encouraging Ré to work on ideas to prevent evaporation of water, a productive conversation took place with ideas ranging from floating plants to the use of edible oil occurred. The advantages and disadvantages of every idea was put forward and we’re looking to be able to provide an effective solution to the problem.

Blogging activity

With the mid month activity up-to-date, bloggers had a week buzzing with activity with the theme of the month aptly named, ‘Diamonds’, as it is the gemstone of the month. With Vijay talking about the occurrence of diamonds, https://researchandexploration.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/will-the-secret-behind-einsteins-brain-be-revealed-through-diamonds/?frame-nonce=efc0883eb1 in his article titled, “Will the secret behind Einstein’s brain be revealed through diamonds?”, we had Dhayan speaking about the treasured stone in his “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”, https://researchandexploration.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/lucy-in-the-sky-with-diamonds/?frame-nonce=efc0883eb1. Yet another blogger, Kesav Gokul spoke of how diamonds is being used in the medical field with an interesting article that showed how the stone was useful and was not just a jewel in the article, “Diamonds as cure?”, https://researchandexploration.wordpress.com/2017/04/19/diamonds-as-cure/?frame-nonce=efc0883eb1.

The week ended on a positive note with the team looking forward to more productiveness in the coming days to try and solve more issues and problems of the world!


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