“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Was this rightly said? Maybe? Ask any woman why a diamond is so close to her heart and she will give one among these four answers.

  • Diamonds symbolise love. Advertisements of diamonds promise that ‘Diamonds last forever’. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why engagement rings have diamonds on them. As much as they are associated with wealth, diamonds have been associated with love as well. Give a woman a diamond ring and it is a life-long promise that she will stay by your side.
  • They last forever. A diamond as a gift, not only lasts forever in her jewellery box, but also inside her heart. Women cherish diamonds, and keep it with them forever. There will definitely never be a woman who has complained of having too many diamonds!
  • They are romantic. From advertisements of jewellery to perfumes, diamonds have always been associated with romance and every girl has always dreamt of her first diamond since childhood and her love for diamonds only seems to grow as years pass by.
  • They hold memories. A girl in her life will accumulate as many diamonds as she possibly can. These diamonds are not meant to simply sit pretty inside a jewellery box. They are not just used as occasional ornaments, but also to be passed on as heirloom.

It is said that “Only a true eye can recognise the value of a diamond.” The same can be said for human beings as well. To understand this, let me start with the process in producing this precious stone.


Diamonds are supposed to be as old as the universe itself. Most of them are found deep beneath the earth’s surface and need to be excavated from kimberlite, which is molten rock. On the average, more than 20 tons of kimberlite must be processed in order to procure just one diamond.

After the surrounding rock is crushed, the remaining part of the diamond is rough. This is then cut by cleaving along the grain of the stone. Post this, they are mounted into a lathe where the stones are made into rounded gems. Finally, the diamonds are polished. The final product is a brilliant crystal that can reflect, refract and disperse light.

Diamonds are characterised based on certain qualities like cut, carat, colour and clarity. The most outstanding character of a diamond is that only a diamond can cut another diamond.


To reach its true potential, a diamond has to be excavated, shaped and polished. Understanding that inside the rough rock is a precious stone is the first step in awareness. Similarly, inside every soul, there exists a side that awaits to be beautifully shaped. Many people are depressed, discouraged and depressed because of the dark reality that they have to face in the world today.

Something that all of us have to aspire to be is ‘coal’. Under high pressure, it becomes a diamond! A diamond is sparkling bright and it shines with clarity and purity. Yes, it symbolically means love and commitment, sometimes we need to polish up the brightest facets of our heart’s desires with elation, appreciation and celebration so they glow and dazzle and are ablaze as a beacon of light and illumination.

You can either sit waiting for a miracle to happen, or you can get up and go searching for opportunities. The choice is yours.

“There is no greater joy than that of feeling oneself a creator.
The triumph of life is expressed by creation.”
                                                                                                                             –Henri Bergson


Diamonds are just created from old carbon. Every person is made of carbons. What happens from there is what makes all the difference. There is an important metaphor in life that comes from comparing our lives to the life of a lump of coal, and what happens as the coal is turned into a diamond. A real diamond is created under intense pressure, heat and stress. Creating a diamond is a process that takes millions of years, according to geologists.

A person who is not subject to stress or pain generally does not grow or change, due to the law of entropy. Everyone and everything that is idle will decay and die unless it is growing or changing for the better. Coal is a metaphor for this entropic process. Coal is the end result of plants and animals dying, decaying and then turning into fossilized rock. Coal is symbolic of entropy in action.

The only things that can reverse the law of entropy are using stress and pressure to change and grow in a positive way. Life itself is the reverse of entropy!


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