The world which we live in is very different, it always toils for the best and not the rest of it. Today it has achieved a great advancement in every part of it. One such advancement is the use of diamonds in medicine. We all may wonder how it is possible to use a terribly hard material in the department handling soft tissues of flexible human creature.

We should unite the points to form the biggest line. Thus by uniting all the technological advancements it is possible to grow bigger in this specific field.



He who learns from experience is intelligent.

Researchers specified a special application of diamonds which is used to study earth worms. This is done by using nano diamonds. They usually ingest the diamond powder in the earth worm. Later they pass the yellow colored light, the diamond particles which are coated on the inside body of earth worm absorb the emitted yellow light and it emits a purple colored light. Researchers use this technique to identify where the dust has collected, which has some specific application.

Representation of Nano Diamond’s Application in an Earthworm


Scientists have done experiments to use the nano diamonds in human bodies. Since diamonds are non-toxic they can be used in the human bodies without any fear. These miniscule diamonds which are hundred times smaller than the human hair can be used to coat the intestinal wall within the human bodies. By applying a thin coat of sugar proteins or other safe chemicals these diamonds actually get pass through the walls of the intestine or the digestive tract and gets applied to the specific wall depending on the chemicals applied, so that it is easy to image the cells also. From which it is able to ISOLATE the CANCER CELLS, WHITE BLOOD CELLS or even DAMAGED CELLS.

Accumulation of Nano Diamonds over the tissues

Diamonds in drug delivery

Besides its use in the clear imaging in the x-ray and microscope, the microdiamonds also play a vital role in drug delivering unit. It means when a patch coated with the tiny dust like diamonds is placed above the tumor cells, the microdiamonds now slowly allow the chemicals onto the toxic tumor cells and it is very efficient in preventing further growth and also reduces the severity of the side effects of chemotherapy treatments.


Einstein once said,

“Examples aren’t another way to teach it is the only way to teach”.

Thus let us see some of the examples regarding diamonds in health and medicine.

In diamond a chemical called Epirubicin was attached which effectively eliminates the chemo resistant (which is the ability of the cancer cells to escape cancer treatment) cancer stem cells.

Endosomal Cells

Once in the cells, nano diamond particles were segregated in endosomal (membrane bound compartment inside eukaryotic cell) and lysosomal (membrane bound organelle inside almost all animal cell) vesicles (a small structure within a cell, consisting of a fluid enclosed by a lipid bilayer); some of these materials were released into the cytoplasm. In vitro studies involving HeLa cells (is a cell type in an immortal cell line, it is the oldest and most commonly used human cell type) demonstrated an absence of cytotoxicity (quality of being toxic to cells). These photo luminescent nano diamond materials may be used for imaging transport and labeling intracellular structures.

Diamonds under micrometer scale



Research on diamond says that it is harnessed to power T-cells, a type of white blood cells which fights infection, actually targets cancer cells.

Diamonds powering T-cells


Using diamond’s bright beams it is able to determine the exact molecular structure of the molecules that is involved in stress, anxiety and depression. Thus it is possible to invent new drugs.

Neurons in the brain cells


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other mental functions. Researchers use diamonds to detect that alter in dementia (memory loss).



The diamonds are used to detect how bacteria defend themselves by constructing an outer protective wall (from which they defend drugs). It is also used to detect the mechanism of life cycle of antigens.

Antigens detected using diamonds


Viruses are the most populated thing in the world than everything combined altogether. Diamonds play a vital role in understanding the evolution of viruses.

Diamonds in the study of viruses

Diamond, a structure consisting of mere carbon atoms has wide spread applications in various fields with medicine being one such explored field. Ranging from identifying structures of substances to cure for cancer, diamond has been exploited effectively.



  1. Another interesting topic from you…well done! congrats kesavkrishna. This is entirely a new topic that have undergone till. Only i know about the spermatheca, a part of earthworm for its fertilization 😀 but i didn’t expect this interesting fact in earthworm…
    Totally, its all a new topic for me and you done your best.
    Again congratulations!!


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