“Innovation is the key to the future, but basic research is the key to innovation.” This was very rightly said by Jerome Isaac Friedman.

Last week at Ré started off with yet another review. Monday evening at the office witnessed a fruitful review.



A formal audit took place with the executive of Ré, Mr.Harish Sundar and the former executive, Mr.Arun Kumar Manoharan. The audit involved a discussion on the various challenges and difficulties faced at Ré, along with a status update of all the teams by the respective leads and members.

Taking Action

Realisation hit late, as the work on completing the magazine had come to a standstill. It is better late than never! And so, post meetings, discussing the targets to be achieved, with various ideas put forward, the most important chore was completed- a timeline was created. With members from all the teams being pitched in for the completion of the task, deadlines have been set, which will soon be met.

The Capastone project

The most important project of the week was ‘The Capstone project’. With their final review preparations under progress, there was a lot of excitement mixed with nervousness in the air as this will be the first project to be completed from Ré.


Blog activity

The essence of research was truly realised in the latest blog activity. The recent articles titled, “The drama-fear” and “Songs in the galaxy” by our writers, bring out the details and elaborate on the universe of thoughts within oneself and the vast space around the world. Kesav Gokul in his article https://researchandexploration.wordpress.com/2017/04/01/songs-in-the-galaxy/?frame-nonce=4618ff6d13 physically explains why there is a humming in outer space, disproving our common belief that ‘Sound does not travel in space!’ “The drama- fear”, https://researchandexploration.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/the-drama-fear/?frame-nonce=4618ff6d13 classifies fear according to our positions in life and reasons out why all of us go through shivering, palpitating, trembling, hallucinating, quivering among the various sensations we tend to go through because of one major factor-fear.

Work! Work! Work!

With a lot of deadlines to be met and targets to be achieved, the Ré family is looking forward to yet another productive week with the team working rapidly on developing the brochure and the magazine for Ré.

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what everybody else has not!”

The week ended on a festive note with the team wishing a prosperous Tamil new year!


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