If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, Why Oh Why can’t we?

You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky. The sky always felt like an infinite movie to me, the place where angels breathe. The sky has never been the limit, the mind that sees the sky is the limit. One of these was the limitless minds of the most peculiar characters of history, The Wright Brothers who created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The most majestic World Wide Web, the ‘AIRPLANE’: bringing people, languages, ideas and values together. Flight is one new impression men have achieved.  Let’s be honest, nothing has come along that has revolutionized our world as much as aviation. Granted, the internet is a pretty decent invention, it didn’t shrink the world as much as it did connect it.

The concept of the airplane has only come around for two centuries. Way before that sources confirm that men and women tried to navigate through the air by imitating birds.

Flying is not Nintendo. You don’t push a button and start over.

On the surface, it always seemed like a good plan, but trouble arose as we moved above the ground.


The jet noise to me is the sound of freedom and in thrust I trust!

Across the nations we flew through wars, trade, business, education, love, family and life itself.

Necessity is the mother of invention and the human fascination to fly high has given birth to THE AIRPLANE; easily one of most influential inventions of the 20th century, if not all time.


Now I’d like to pose a question, a scary one indeed, but one that begs to be asked. What would life be like if the airplane never existed?

Life would’ve been just slower. Things automatically will be very slow. Transportation, medical emergency, communication etc would be non-existent without airpower.  As airpower would be non-existent, the scouting of enemy movements wouldn’t have been possible, and all war would have been fought on the ground, taking time, resources, war would have been radically different. We would’ve never gone to the moon either.


Finally, the beauty and joy of flight would only be experienced by the birds, and the dream of flight would remain just that, a dream, forgotten by the early pioneers, and ignored by a society.

Aviation has shrunk the world for us and connected nations that would have never been connected otherwise.
The airplane has come a very long way and still has ways to go.


Norman cousins, 1973

~ To be able to rise from the earth;

To be able, from a station in outer space,

To see the relationship of the planet earth to other planets;

To be able to contemplate the billions of factors in precise and beautiful combination that makes human existence possible;

To be able to dwell on an encounter of the human brain and spirit with the universe,

All this enlarges the human horizon~





  1. The choice of words you used were all simple but inspiringly​ well written 💯💚

    Love the article. All the best to do more.


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