Implementation of conceptual ideas using required tools which solve real-time problems is commonly referred as technology. Without mathematics and science we can’t do anything in this world. Those two are the keys for implementation. Our technology arose by creating fire using stone. Now, we are creating fire by using match stick (a simple example).On both cases, friction is the concept behind that but tool varies. This is what we achieved by advancement in technology. If they integrated with any specific field, then it will be Industrial technology, Communication technology &Space Technology and so on. It paves a way to modernize our culture.



Our basic need

We are becoming much more dependent on technology. Almost, we cannot survive an hour without it. To be honest, it helps us to survive. It provides clean drinking water, protection from tragic diseases, daily use gadgets and more. It is very much required to satisfy the needs of rapidly increasing population which can be done by technology. At once, communicating a person who is just 10km apart is a big task but in today’s world we do that in a blink of an eye. We are advancing much more and addicted too. Our hunger for technology doesn’t stop and that motivates to think creative and innovative. There is no limit to creativity so as to technology.

“Is anything invented after you born?”    -Alan Kay

Impacts in today’s world

Impact of technology in society is immeasurable. Of course, we are creative enough to advance it. Let’s think about advancements in technology; are we advancing in concepts or tools? I would say that we are advancing only in tools. Here tools include everything that is required for building a device, machine or any object. For example, look over the advancement in trains. Olden trains are powered using steam engine and now it’s been powered using electronic engine. It’s very clear that only the type of engine (tool) is varying rather than using something which replaces engine. Also in the track, still two rails are used even in electromagnetic trains. Why can’t we go for one or three rails?


Presently, computer is one the most advanced technologies and its advantage is that they can perform several operation (tasks) in milliseconds. We can use them for various applications like communication, documentation and many more. Our mind asks for automation for everything.

Modernization Costs us

While focussing on technology, we may sometimes fail to think about its effect towards environment. Most technology causes some ill effects. For example: Automobile causes pollution, mobile phone towers leads the birds into endangered situation. Blindly, we are ready to adopt anything if technology provides comfortable solutions for a problem without caring about their ill effects. Most people immerse themselves in technology. Some excited people say that they can’t live without technology; and add that it can save many human lives! But the hidden fact is that they are losing their jobs which remains unaware.

m4One of the facts in science is that, if there is an advantage, there must be a disadvantage too. The effect of the disadvantage might have been lesser. Destructive weapons were created. Yeah! It results in increased endless wars which often made us wonder why Einstein had invented his atomic theory. One of the disadvantages of technology is lacking of humanity, people’s involvement in family life, they become very self centred and artificial. Although technology improved the quality of life, it made us get intoxicated and lazy.



Let’s think about future. What type of vehicle do we use? How would our life style be? We need certain things like oxygen, water and food to be alive. Existence of technology and necessity for life are growing inversely. I don’t like technology, however. Maybe most people would think that I am crazy. Maybe I am. Sometimes I close my eyes, and I can see children dying because they don’t have enough food. What do they think about technology? Maybe, they don’t have time for thinking about that. Perhaps they are just trying to live one more day.

Wrapping Off

Knowledge of technology is a pre-requisite these days. Of course, we do care about nature. We are alive today because of nature. There is difference between need and necessity. Technology is necessity. Improvements in developing agriculture were considered few years ago. If they were advanced earlier we would never have experienced famine in few countries. May be if we were aware about the harm of vehicle exhaust, mobile phone towers, and CFC’s effect on ozone at the time of invention, we would have banned it and found other solutions.

Well, we ain’t advancing! We are walking towards doom!




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