It was an emotional roller coaster ride as we had the last meeting with our epitome of inspiration “Arun Kumar Manoharan, Ex-Executive of Ré”.


He has been the ultimate source of drive for our Ré family. Without his gracious presence, we are pushed to a state where we are forcibly asked to scrutinize our own deeds. His scrutinizing skills are not every human being’s cup of tea.

His robotic speech, perfectionist mind, naughty words and intellectual ways form quite the combination that could be found rarely in a young man these days and Arun with the enhanced version of this combination has always sought knowledge beyond infinity and has never taken halt as an option.

Ré as a proud consultancy:


We have always wanted young minds seeking for ideas and we definitely do nurture the minds with predominant ideas. We did the same when a bunch of our first year students came for a review of their project.

Young aspirants are no where but near. We at Ré work for bringing out these amazing young minds and nothing could have made us happier than something enlightened as this was!


“We explore, for it is a ne’er ending galaxy;

We implore, for science is our only intimacy”

Yes. Exploration circles have been enlarging over the past few weeks and our team couldn’t be happier than to see the young and inquisitive hearts yearning for more knowledge.


 It was a week for birthday babies as our members Shri Krishna, Krishna Raj and Sri Ram celebrated their birth days. We love them, for without them our family remains an incomplete tree.


“It was certainly a week for tears, love and passion for comprehension.”

We definitely will miss you Arun!

We wish success and love in all your endeavors!

Let this journey bring you more joy!





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