Yes, we had an exhausting week indeed! But we sure did renew a lot of processes and we certainly did introduce some new stuff to the bag. Here, I’ll list out the important changes that had taken over the past week.

RéWrite (MARCH 17, Friday):

“An event was organized in the MBA lecture hall to identify the bloggers of KCT and appreciate their creative writing skills. The event was to encourage creative thinking and the ability to write articles without any previous knowledge about the subject” as quoted by the “Program management team”.

The event pulled in a lot of enthusiastic writers. The writers who showed up made their creative lights sparkle by showing effervescence in their words. Students were given a time limit of 30 minutes to express their point of views on a specific object that was randomly selected by them.


Growth and community team lead by “Dhanabala Subhiksha” have planned to send the review comments of projects furnished by the review panel not only to the students and their mentors but also to their respective “HOD’S”. This will provide necessary information to them and avoid any turmoil. Segregation of funded projects was also successful.


Program management team lead by “Gayathri” and “Forona” organized a full team meet on “March 16th”. Many important pointers were discussed and the solutions for them were brought accordingly. Harish Sundar, Executive of Ré notified the importance of “domain” and the refinement of funding methodology.


Content generation team lead by “Aashikha” selected the best out of articles to be published in the Ré magazine and proof reading works were done to bring out refined articles. Exploration circle books were to be compiled and the sheets from RéWrite event were to be evaluated.


Marketing team lead by “Yeshwanthini” marketed the event “RéWrite” and it was successfully executed by all the team members who effectively performed social media marketing and had brought enthusiastic writers to the table.


As updated by “Nishanth”, the following things were noted out:

  • The reports of the first set of circles were given for evaluation.
  • They will be published soon after the evaluation.
  • New set of eight exploration circles have arrived. Out of which four circles have scheduled and had already finished their first meets.
  • A new renewed guidelines document will be prepared for the exploration circles.
  • New perks have been decided rather than book publications and certificates.
  • They are yet to be approved.


Our team member “Shrinidhi” monitors the exploration circle formed by a group of fervent peeps.


Accounts and finance team lead by “Vamika” had a tight schedule as they

  • Collected and reviewed the progress.
  • Worked on the budget drafting for the next phase.

As informed by Vamika and her team, “the budget for the next phase” will be ready soon.


Well, You can see that the “Trust shop is back with a bang”.


Experts’ committee lead by “Raveena” taught the important responsibilities of being a “real time communicator”. She also taught her members on how an expert should be dealt with. Meeting sessions were held to improvise the team bond.


As notified by Sri Ram,

Thinkers’ asylum had brought upon the following:

  • Project announcements within the college were initially planned.
  • Later on, it was decided to have tied up with the industries.
  • A textile industry asked for solutions in order to bring semi automated machineries.
  • Students along with faculty team with the best solution will be allowed to work on a project.
  • Internships in the same company will be provided for the project holders.

“Well, we certainly have not stopped working”

Our productive hours will keep rising and “WE WILL RISE TOO”!

Because, we are Ré and we let our actions speak louder than our words.


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