It was a week of joy, empowerment and many more as our new team embarked upon a fresh journey and fire crackers were sure to burst out stridently. We “the intrepid sparklers of knowledge light” had an amazingly enthusiastic week as we celebrated “Women’s day” and as we suited ourselves for the review session, we had faculties contributing to the session.  Knowledge kept pouring out in the most finest way ever.


Our new team members flourished with their ideas for the celebration of women’s day. Yet, it was an eclectic mood of opinions arising from different corners. We all concluded and decided to make up a decision. We sent greetings to all the women faculty and students. It was well received and even stirred the emotions of some girls. As we spoke to some, they told that, “Most of the men we come around are very stubborn to wish us and to be honest we never wish men on men’s day and when we received this mail from Ré, “The symbolization of male God Sun” , we thought to ourselves that it was all about equality. “We respect men for what they are” and we will certainly wish them the next time we celebrate men’s day and we should celebrate men’s day.

As one of my friends often emphasizes, “Not all women are good women and not all men are bad men”. We at Ré certainly know how to preserve equality and we do the same.



Our teams got alarmed as they knew that it was time to get into some serious business. Different teams worked their ways into review session as our team members actively volunteered in the session. We will take a look at the progress made by the different sectors.


Growth and community team lead by “Dhanabala Subhiksha” roared loud as they actively gathered the information furnished by our review panel and started documenting them immediately.


They ensured that mails were sent to the students who had sent their abstracts regarding the comments passed on by the expert team.



Program management team lead by “Gayathri” and “Forona” got busy with the organization of a full team meet and an agenda was set up accordingly with a chair person coordinating the session. As “Bhuvanes, Lead-exploration circle”   took charge as the chair person; Harish Sundar, Chief Executive officer of Ré addressed the team about the draw backs and also the effective ways to solve them. Not only did they organize the meet but the Program management team showed their power organizing the first and third review sessions for the capstone projects.



Content generation team lead by “Aashikha” shined their bright lights as they generated contents for the women’s day greetings. They also started their effective work on “magazine designing”. Magazine template designing works and article compiling works were in their full swings.


Marketing team lead by “Yeshwanthini” bloomed as they spread a strong message on “Women’s day”. They took the responsibility and succeeded in the same. New marketing strategies have been planned for the upcoming events.


Exploration circle lead by “Nishanth” and “Bhuvanes” planned out to extend the number of exploration circles. The calendar scheduling for the exploration circles were also discussed.

New marketing strategies have been planned for the exploration circle. Also, exploration circle team members have started to compile the reports generated from the previous circles.


We as a team put forth new ideas and we also discussed on bringing them to reality. The combination of Ré, IQUBE and Garage would bring upon a big change. The combination would be flawless and if “Hackathon” like events are being conducted. It would certainly leave a mark in the minds of young and aspiring KCT students. So we planned to bring forth “RIG”. We also planned new ideas to scrutinize the projects and we modified the effectiveness of review panel.



It was indeed an amazing week! We’ll keep moving towards more greatness!


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