The trust shop of Ré is a shop working on a contemporary approach towards customers based on trust. The shop trusts the customers to pay up without being monitored, thereby nurturing a value of trust and understanding. The Premium Trust Shop functioning since 2016, has been remodeled and is back with a new look and a wide variety of items to treat your taste buds and satiate the ever demanding tummy. The best part of our trust shop is that it houses unique nibbles and is open to all KCTians at Ré.


On the eve of 3rd March 2017, with the sun casting its final rays for the day, the Ré family was all ready to extend its rays by signing the probation recruits as the official members of Ré. The ceremony took place with a cozy gathering of 50 people as the Mahalingam Vigyan Bhavan stood as a witness to the swearing in of the members.


The ceremony started with the incorporation of God’s blessing with a prayer song by Ms. Surya Rajendran followed by a welcome note by Ms. Swetha Ramesh, after which the introductory speech was shared by Mr. Sangeeth Eswaran and Mr. Harish Kumar.

Ré – KCT’s platform for Research and Exploration, which was initially started with 5 teams has now evolved into 8 teams –

  • Growth and Community
  • Program Management
  • Promotions and Branding
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Experts Committee
  • Exploration Circle
  • Content Generation
  • Thinkers Asylum



Of these 8 teams, the top 5 aim in setting up of Research culture and the remaining 3 are the new add-ons focusing on exploration.

Exploration Circle is a circle consisting of 5-8 like-minded people coming together to explore topics of their interest while content generation focuses on blogging and magazines and Thinkers Asylum is a concept based on the Think Tank.

The new team leads and the team members received their offer letters from the then official team leads and swore in by signing the letter.


news3       dsc_1476         dsc_1499

The new team were motivated and prepared for the tasks by suggestions from seniors. The ceremony concluded with everyone expressing their happiness, surprise, fear, expectations and enthusiasm in working for Ré.

Finally, a group picture chronicled yet another unforgettable day in Ré’s memoir.


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