This is an article created with the idea of helping people to know more about KCT, the various facilities on offer, and is scripted in the form of a countdown just to help a visitor out with some knowledge on exploring things here. This article was solely created based upon  my own thoughts, initiatives and interests and isn’t featured to hurt anyone. The pictures sported here are my own and the viewers are requested to turn their mobile phones anti-clock wise for a wholesome experience.


  1. Prof. Arumugam Student’s Centre:


True to its name, this has been a multi-utility “student’s” centre with indoor game facilities, class rooms, laboratories, drawing halls, resulting in the conduction of a variety of tournaments and competitions. In addition, it houses the Mahatma Gandhi study centre and the Vivekananda centre, both of which integrates virtues and spirit with the technical quest for promising minds.

  1. The Road that Leads to Four Corner:


People say that KCT was once devoid of trees and good greenery. To visualize or imagine such a condition demands the help of a super power. Thanks to the great effort and coordination between the administration and students, and to all those who were involved in this noble mission, for they have left us with something that is truly spectacular to live in!

  1. The Twenty-Three Acre Ground:


KCT has “enabled” its students to hone and fine tune their game enthusiastic minds with the help of various sports facilities, coaches and other staff members. Twenty three acre ground has been the host to a plenty of matches and events for a variety of sport events.

  1. The KCT Tech Park:


A well built IT park situated in one of the IT corridors of the city consisting of a large share of IT businesses, contains a robust and a fail safe infrastructure with power, data connectivity and highly trained technical manpower.

  1. Jyothi Nilayam:


In what is called a new addition to the sculptural beauties of KCT, is a classical old-styled wonder with a central spacious court yard, guest rooms, conference room, guest lounge and dining hall, portraying Indian culture, art and craft in its various stances.

  1. Kraft @ KCT:


Being filled with international standards, Kraft serves as a go-to place for weight lifters, body builders, and fitness seekers with its latest of equipments, sophisticatedly designed and scientifically laid with all of its purpose in mind.

  1. Seminar Hall Complex:


One has to stand there to taste that feeling. Such is the magnificence of this four-hall complex that it inspires one to perform and achieve great things and extracts the best out of every individual present there. This place serves as a meeting and a gathering point for many of the lectures and events in this campus.

  1. The Mahatma Gandhi Central Library:


How’s this for a library! A collection of 104475 volumes and 66559 titles with 178 journals, 48 magazines 9122 international journals for the use of students is only going to get better with time and fetch both the users and itself all the glory!

  1. Ramanandha Adigalar Auditorium:


The air-conditioned auditorium with a capacity of 1800 seats acts as a great stage for various functions and several other important happenings within the campus. Very pleasant, but an ever-assuming architecture paves it’s way to the second spot on this count down!

  1. The KORE:


Majestic as ever, this place was soulfully designed with an idea of serving as a symbolic centre and the meeting point of students of various quarters. The core of KCT is KORE!



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