India is the youngest nation among all the other nations stated by the United Nations Organization (UNO). India is a diverse nation with a wide range of cultures, languages spoken and a variety of flora and fauna. From the advent of independence there has been a tremendous change in fields like economy, standard of living and also in research programs. But the sad part is that we are still a developing nation. With a population of more than 1.2 billion, nothing is impossible. The main reason for this is that the women are not given equal opportunities as like men. The women in the past showed no resistance towards their passion inspite of the difficulties faced by them. But nowadays it is upside down due to various factors which intrude the empowerment of women. Our living world is made by three distinct things and they are: the past – that is being forgotten, the present – the moment we are living and the future – that is awaiting us. Something which has gotten past us does not mean that it should be forgotten as the past holds the key for a better future. As we know that a development is permanent if and only if all the social components are united and are benefited by it. The main and the most important component in a better development and a better future is “women empowerment.”


Women are not about just being “perfect.” Its about living the life with purpose, diligence, forgiveness, and repentance. I am sure that most of the women are living the lives that they are not interest in. There are various delicate factors which hinder the passion of women. But it is in the hands of them to be the “one” or to stand among the crowd. This is the century where the fingers speak what the mouth should. It is due to the technological developments and its undeniable. Here is where the past comes into action. Before the independence the participation of women in the freedom movement were equal to that of men. But nowadays the indulgence of women is drastically reduced. They are stressed out by the society in various ways. They are criticized for their attire, their way of being with the opposite gender etc. It is time to remember the lost qualities of women in order to bring out the real face rather than just the fake ones. There are three basic qualities which will empower women in every possible way. Always remember that the past is the lesson which is going to shape the future.



Who is an architect? Does anyone know the true nature of an architect? The architect is the one who builds something which will inspire someone who sees it and it makes a tremendous impact such that it will change his\her life completely. This personality which I am going to speak now is one who architected the whole nation in which we are living now. She is called “THE IRON LADY OF INDIA –INDIRA GANDHI.” She holds the honor of being the first Prime Minister of India. She was a complex women whose leadership in India continues to have repercussions to this day. When she was 5 years old, India witnessed a bonfire of foreign goods. At that age she burnt down her baby doll since it was made in England. At the age of 12, she joined the self-determination struggle with children. Despite all the struggles faced by her since she was the only women in the parliament she continued to show extreme resistance and concentrated in building a better India. This is an important quality that women must remember. They have to pass through the hurdles in order to be the architect of their own life which will drastically have an impact on the society in turn. Every women is an “IRON LADY” in my view. It’s just that they have to throw the mask and show the real them. That is what our nation wants from them.


Bachendri Pal  pic by Maneesh Agnihotri

Nothing in this world can stop a person who is truly determined about something. Let it be even a simple thing like passing an examination with flying colour to being a successful personality. “A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” this is an apt saying to describe this topic. The determination that you have towards something keeps you in the right path, but a brutal determination is needed to succeed. How many of us know Bachendri Pal? She is the first women to climb the Mount Everest. She was born in a village in the Himalayas named Nakuri. She set a record for scaling a 13,123ft (3,999.9m) during a school picnic. She then continued making several records by climbing many hills such as Mt.Gangotri etc. She faced tremendous pressure from her family for being a girl and climbing mountains seemed like a weird idea to her parents. But still she was brutally determined that this was her passion and nothing can shackle this away. She then aimed for the queen of hills. She had explained her expedition was breath taking and she was nearly killed with the temperature being around minus 30 to 40 degree Celsius and wind blowing at 100 km per hour. She then made it on top finally setting the record for the first Indian women to reach the top. She was 29 years old when she kissed the Everest. In today’s century the passion and determination among many women has vanished since they are suppressed by everyone around them. Bring out the fiery face and burn down the factors that stand in your way to achieve the unimaginable. I tell this to every single women around the world “Never compromise for any excuse that hinders your passion, for which will make you the face of the nation.”



Have you guys ever heard of a saying called “Need is the mother of all inventions.”? This is a universal truth. All that has been invented till now, “need” has been the reason. Of all forces in nature, bond or love is the strongest force that exists. Women is the only source of all the love and peace that surrounds us. Love unites us all and keeps us at peace and in harmony. There is a personality who united nations with just the four lettered word “LOVE”. If love had any other name it would just be called as “MOTHER TERESA.” She had no need to care for the poor and needy but she had a view that all can be achieved by love and compassion. She made a huge difference in our nation for which she was awarded “THE NOBEL PEACE PRICE.” She changed the view of India amongst other countries. But nowadays due to the development in science and technology, the need to work has increased and thus this has reduced our time to show compassion towards others. As I mentioned earlier, “a development is permanent if and only if each and every person in the nation are benefited by it.” By this the stress that is caused by the society can be averted. Your service to one can change the lives of million.

Use things, not people.

Love people, not things.


The above mentioned personalities had certain qualities in them which helped them to achieve their passion. But in those days too there were social and cultural differences which affected their journey towards their goal. In 21st century there are even more delicate and complex factors which hinder a woman’s journey towards success in every possible way and that’s why I have mentioned the three forgotten qualities from the past with three different Indian personalities in order to make women empowerment effective. I am not criticizing that the women in today’s world are without determination, passion, and compassion. I want them to understand that these qualities must be magnified into an enormous amount such that each and every woman can shape their own destiny rather than taking advices and living an ordinary, simple life. A change in one can improvise many others’ life. A nation is nothing without the indulgence of its people. Thus if these three qualities are inculcated in today’s life then there is nothing stopping the women of our nation, which will be a stimulant for its growth.




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