Whenever, we think of women, we often indulge in the habit of thinking pink everywhere. Was this color, fixed for women? Or are we stereotypically fitting things where they shouldn’t be fit in. There are still women who find it hard to proudly say that “they are women”. Is pink actually a lusty color?

No. It is definitely not. Over the years, we’ve created a criteria based upon which we decide things and we’ve never taken time to think twice which is another vice.

There was a time when Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio made men inmates to wear pink underwear in order to humiliate them. Now that is quite messed up. Since when pink became a color of humiliation? Or is being effeminate a big insult on its own?  It makes my heart heavy as I’m an effeminate person myself and my mind gets influenced when I’m forced to look upon things in a biased way.



One of my gender fluidic friends wrote down recently, how a girl or woman is perceived amongst her male counterparts and her lines struck a chord in my heart.

She had written that, “Male children do not need special training to develop the temperament of harassing women in a patriarchal society. It comes about spontaneously and naturally, as children internalize the spirit of subjugating women at their subconscious level by means of absorbing the phenomenon which is so common around them, unknowingly, right from a very young age.

A woman’s mind can prominently generate millions of thoughts within seconds and her brain is undoubtedly multi-tasking whilst a man’s brain can either focus on a certain perspective in a complete basis or it can deviate into a whole new topic without thinking about the thought which was previously being processed.



This question has been raised multiple times and women have always proven that they have better functioning brains. Yet, a 2015 study at Tel Aviv University revealed that “Human brains do not belong to a distinctive or specific gender category”.

Daniel Amen, MD, author of Unleash the Power of the Female Brain, points out that there are not much differences in the IQ levels of men and women although the brains of men are found to be ten percent bigger than the female brains.

The type of connections present in the nervous system of human brain decides how they function. Men have highly perceptional brains while women have brains with highly concentrated amount of gray matter which enhances the memory power and socialistic skills of women. This gives them more edge towards comprehending the feelings of other people and makes them highly emotional.

This is not applicable for every man and woman as brain is a chameleon that adapts according to the circumstances. Human brain cultivates a pattern based on the needs and expectations that are imposed upon it. So certainly women are not women if it wasn’t for the society. Everybody deserves equality. “It should necessarily be the rule applied everywhere. We are humans and we should be judged based upon that criteria or let’s say that we shouldn’t be judged at all for who we really are.”



Women have always wanted to be the ones who take care of their family issues. In a society, that has constantly forced women to take up independence in a righteously wrong way has made women think in a wrong perspective of feminism. A patriarchal society will always exist or the vice versa if there is a sense of superiority arising amongst the genders. We as humans should have an outlook that is wider than our own perspective. A woman’s mind is often perceived to be very complex which itself is a perception and not factual. Women go through various phases in their life cycle and on the other hand men undergo puberty and there are not many changes after the major puberty change in them. Women are made to endure pain and their minds are not put to placidity. Yet, they handle it with ease.

When men are questioned about women, they often end up saying that, “Women are marvelous creatures to gaze upon but very complex to figure out”.

What men don’t realize is that women are complex and that is exactly why they can efficiently run a complex organization or rule a country with very less troubles. Complexity is a network of interlinked discrepancies and only women can entangle it with high amount of concentration. A society itself is a complex structure which also includes many complex families and many capable women who can reduce the complexity of networks.

“I think complexity is the science for the 21st century”

As quoted by Stephen Hawking, Complexity and the methodologies of solving them can be effectively brought upon by empowered women.




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