Cherishing her solitude, taking trains by herself to places she has never been. Sleeping under the stars, learning how to drive a stick shift. Going so far away that she stops being afraid of not coming back. Putting a NO whenever she did not want to do something. Coming up with a YES when her instincts are strong, even when millions around her disagree. She never wanted to fit in, as she was born to STAND OUT!

      Strength for tough times, Laughter through tears, Merry in the minutest of things, Endless Endeavors are held in her!


        Clothed in strength and dignity, she framed the ABC’s of Nature, carved quantum as an equation with an unknown. She sorts the Hebrew word which is written only with consonants to which reason has to add the dots. Contributing to devise, the King of all Science.

      Every Quantum device today, the camera, laptop, TV, projectors, was devised on the basis of Quantum Theory.


      Probing the deepest mystery of the universe, were many unsung heroines. The Harvard     Computer was once a maid in the castle of a physicist, who was rented since she claimed fewer fares. Williamina Heming, the morale maid, put forth the Catalogue of stars, which is our knowledge of Universe today.

            Held with high reverence is Hubble for the Big Bang, but for the root was never but to the limelight. Opening the door to the Universe, Reckoning the distances between the galaxies, was the lavish lady, Henrietta Swan Levitt.

           They surpass all earthly things, with the King of all Science. For these dames, flying is no magic, but Physics.

          Raising us above ourselves, how small is her body and how great is her mind, since her intelligence can embrace the whole dazzling immensity, where her body is only an obscure point, and enjoys the silent harmony of Astronomy.


Chawla was one such phenomenal Genius, such a dauntless dame she was! She belonged among the stars. Her greatest accomplishments cannot be left obscure, for she knew Destiny lied above her. The universe in her bones, stars in her Soul, did she explore the ceaseless Space.

            Such were many dauntless dames who dared to put their heart and soul to explore the boundless galaxies.

        It goes without saying that Women are the greatest achievers in the disciplines of Space and Physics. The Advent of Astronomy, the pioneers of all physicists are the wonder defined Women.

         Her name, no longer mean the mere opposite of the male , but something in itself, something that makes one think not of any complement and limit, but only life and reality: the phenomenal female.

         Swimming the deepest oceans, climbing the highest mountains, through the sugar and spice, through the breakdowns and breakthroughs, Being the ladder below every summit, Being the story behind every renowned History,

          She is sculpted in the waters of adversities! Such dauntless is the Dame! Such a Wizard is Women.

 Not a stunning creation of God, but the Creator himself in veil!


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