Gone are the days when all a woman must do is stay caged within the four walls of her house. This is a new era, her era. Women have broken the shackles of the society and left their mark on all walks of life. In the last decade women have made huge leaps from not having the right to vote and get education to contesting in elections and taking a role in society to spread knowledge. In recent times Women have embarked on unconventional, high-spirited careers. In pre-modern times when a woman wanted to take up a career of her choice she was usually forbidden and in fact sometimes she was not allowed to go for work and when a woman would go for a job interview, it was never a liberating experience for her it was rather a pretty daunting one. This was because it was not normal and against the morals that lay by the chauvinistic men of the society. Fortunately the times when women were mere slaves to their husbands have changed. Women no longer accept to be chained to biased rules that prevailed in the society.


In current times, although the Tech industry is primarily dominated by successful and iconic male entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, the role of women and their contributions towards technology does not definitely go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, long before the pioneers in technology began to set their mark, there were people writing computer programs. Many of them were women. Ada Lovelace born in 1815 was the first computer programmer. People must be aware that Programming is not a boy’s only club. People label women who program as an unusual lot because it is not the orthodox thing a woman would do. Whereas they must understand that women have an extended history in mathematics, programming and engineering. There has been a drastic change in the acceptance that women are almost as capable as man in every field. This welcomed change has paved the way for women to come out of their shells and to be confident enough to head multimillion companies. Susan Wojciki is the CEO of the most renowned video sharing website, YouTube and the CEO of one of the largest multinational technology company, Ginni Rommety.


The number of women that complete their engineering and get selected by technology programs has significantly increased leading to many opportunities for women to leave their footprints in the field of technology. The number of women working in IT jobs has increased many folds. Breaking the stereotypes, the Indian women have etched their names in history by successfully launching the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) into space. The project director was a woman and also the people working on it were women. These incredible women scientists have inspired a large number of young girls, that anything is possible regardless of one’s gender.


Another example is Kiran Mazumdar Shaw who is the Chairman and Managing Director of Biocon Limited, a biotechnology based company in Bangalore. She has also insured a place in the ‘Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful Women’.


Let’s not forget about Kalpana Chawla who is one of the greatest women who had the nerve to go against the customary careers a woman must choose to be the first Indian woman to enter space. Her courage and determination inspired many young girls to pursue their dreams and careers.

In this 21st century one can find women in every sphere of life. Nothing is not her cup of tea anymore. She is no longer weak. Education given to women has made them confident and empowered them to develop their skills to innovate technology for a better tomorrow. The future will definitely see women and men equally dominating the Tech industry.


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