A woman is the most underrated species this universe has ever witnessed. She has been a creature of pity in this misogynist society who constantly fights for a place of deserved regard. She faces even the most trivial thing as an impostor on her path. And god forbid the abuse she encounters every day in this male chauvinistic society.

Now as all the clichéd statements about the way the miseries of women are seen in the society is over, I shall now get into my perception of viewing this issue. Honestly the above written lines were the ones that popped up in my head when I started to think on this topic- Women Vs The society and Environment. And this has even become the hot topic of debate these days on the internet due to its sensitivity and urgency. But deep down I had always known that there was much more to what the eyes had envisioned of this scenario . These are the constant questions that keeps lingering on my mind these days:

What is really wrong with the society and its way of treating a woman?

Why is there so much violence and injustice to her?

Why is she always required to fight for a place that seems obviously hers to own?

Have men become so insensitive and inhuman to her rattles and agony?

Or have men lost their core human nature and are on a path to self-destruction?

 To answer these questions right, it’d be better if we looked into the personality types of a man and a woman in general.

Men and women have always been categorized into two. The one who was aggressive and dominant was the alpha male while the relatively submissive one was the beta male. The same applies to women too. This was a major reflection of their innate personalities.

Having that concept on hold, let us now consider this. A man in general has always been the provider to the family. He went into the wild to hunt down animals and brought them to his woman who was supposedly a caretaker of the family. And this role they took on to play most probably would have been due to their physical strength. And there would have been a smooth coordination between them. Until then the equilibrium and coordination was smooth and there was no violence. Okay, if everything was so perfect, when, where and how did this peace get disturbed?


Evidently, man had that edge of physical strength over a woman. He was stronger in body and was tough. This in course of time would have given him a false high, making him feel superior in holistic ways than he actually was. There started the problem, when the alpha female retaliated against this newfound behavior of the man. So the false high that the man was under urged him to suppress the female in the only way she could be suppressed: Physically.

This was a great success as her body was fragile. Though her spirits were high she could not fight back. And as years passed by this physical suppression transformed into one of emotional, sexual and sentimental type.

But in today’s time, alpha characteristics are not much idolized and looked upon. The potential reason could be due to civilization and education that has forced man to relax his spine and evolve into less aggressive individuals. Another reason could be the sons who grew up looking up to their fathers and despised them for their arrogance and blunt dominance. So they carefully chose not to become like them in the future. Still it was just a willful disguise in order to gain unperturbed access into the society and the hearts of women.


Thus most alphas learn when they are still boys that their career depends on ensuring that old people (other alphas) do not feel threatened by them. So they transformed into something more agreeable and obedient.

So how well does this theory justify my heading stand?

To answer this question let us consider this for instance: there has been a sharp hike in the number of diabetes patients all around the world. Doctors claim that this could be an evolutionary mid-phase where the body is creating new mechanisms to cope up with the lifestyle of today. As our body has been accustomed to a different lifestyle in the past centuries this sudden change would initially cause ill effects like diabetes and the likely. Later the upgraded version of us (humans) would be better equipped to handle these changes and regain its normal health.

But today the comeback of the alpha women who had once been dominant has begun. She is all empowered and knows what she is capable of. She equally competes with her male counterpart and makes her mark in every venture of hers. She is all powerful and skilled. Now this poses a potential threat to the dormant alphas that are disguised as betas in today’s world. They start to see her as a threat to their masculine superiority and search for ways to suppress her.

He feels threatened when a woman makes a decision on her own and outsmarts him. He feels threatened when her smartness overpowers his in a social community. He fears the fall of his male superiority and significance. His ego is so hurt that he refuses to take no for an answer. And there come his aggressive nature to play which culminates in such violence.


He simply uses violence as a defense mechanism to retain his stature in the community. This gives him the sense of high he had chosen to forgo long back in order to gain access into the society. But little does he know that this feeling of superiority is only momentary and what remains after that is simply  remorse and guilt.

This violent behavior is simply a reflection of an old soul popping out at times to prove its existence and innate potential. It is not the men who voluntarily indulge in these but their inability to have control over their demons. It is simply their inability and not their choice. And once that failing moment passes over, they again retreat to their old self seeking peace. But all that awaits him is the disappointment of unattained satisfaction and guilt.

And just like diabetes, this is just the mid-phase where the alphas are trying to outgrow their despised self into one that is much more relevant and appropriate to these days. And just like there is no permanent cure for diabetes, there is no cure for this societal illness of men. Control and awareness is the only key for peace.

I also don’t mean to say that women are supposed to be all enduring while this transition of men happens. But it’s about time women stopped lamenting over the hardships that come put on their way and be radical in dealing with this. It is about time women retreated to their intellectual armor and not their emotional armor. It is about time women stopped getting back to their cocoons when the times are bad and die of self-pity. It is about time they let their wits loose and boss up the situation.

The saying “Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman” is no more relevant. “Hell hath no wit like a scorned woman” is what the world needs today to handle these helpless men.

                                                            So cheers to life and new beginnings!


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  1. I never had such a perspective. While reading your article i had this question in mind. “Why women developed a fragile body?” And i started searching for it and came up with something practical and agreeable. A seed can’t sprout inside a rock, it needs soil rich in minerals. The same way a life can be created in a place which is ready to give, nourish the new life with its emotions, love, care and much more. Evolution happens based on nature’s necessity. That’s why men are physically strong while the women are mentally strong. More than physical strength mental capabilities are much more fierce in the current scenario. Its very simple back then. Both went on hunting. During pregnancy the men fed their partner. Things changed when men were so closed in not allowing women into their work and women were very eager in getting into what men were doing forgetting what they are really capable of. Like a king with a golden crown is so attracted to copper. As you said problems are not on a specified gender. The fault lies on both.


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